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Thread: Shots from 2009 Geneseo Airshow

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    Shots from 2009 Geneseo Airshow

    Hey all, just want to share some shots with you of the Airshow up in Geneseo, N.Y. this past weekend... I was there from Friday 7/10 thur Sunday 7/12 and was stationed at the TOPGUN tent..... I have over 3000 shots, all in RAW and starting to go thru them... I got to chance to talk to most of the pilots after the show and shoot the breeze with them... It was so great to see Chris Baranaskas flying the P-51 and to talk to him also.


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    Re: Shots from 2009 Geneseo Airshow

    Hello All,

    Below is my video compilation of the highlights of this years Geneseo Airshow. Announcer Jim Hare really knows when to sit back and zip it, and let you just hear the engines and the click of shutters. And as much as we all miss Charlie.....well I know he would have kept up the yakin' throughout the flying.

    (Note: Announcer Jim gets it wrong...the take off and passes at the beginning are by Chris Baranaskas, Snort is featured towards the end with the USAF HF.)

    "I wonder who's flying that !!" 8)


    For those who love the P-51, here is Snort at the controls of Glamorous Gal at Gennie. It is a fitting tribute to Bob B. There was no music, minimal narration and I ended up with a long cut of 2 minutes just following that Mustang around the sky.


    I hope you all enjoy!
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