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Thread: Serious Dust Issues

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    Serious Dust Issues

    Where can I get my camera cleaned.
    "lol retart"

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    Re: Serious Dust Issues

    This place I know does:
    They have a couple of places around the city but might be a bit pricey though.
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    Re: Serious Dust Issues

    I never trust my camera cleaning in anyone else's hands... I have seen a rare cases when the pro cleanings come close to mine. Most photographers do it them selfs from what I have seen. Everyone has their own way that is "the Best" and actually was talking to a guy that believed the only way to get it truly clean was making a round shape with TAPE and clean it like some pda's. THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THEIR MIND! Others use compressed air, I wait until it gets sooo bad or until I have an event to shoot.

    Make sure that you DO NOT have the battery Grip on and you have you most trusty battery COMPLETELY CHARGED.

    What I do is put first blow off the Mirror, then put it in cleaning mode lifting the mirror, (with the camera orientated with the lens opening facing directly down) blowing out the sides in the camera towards the sensor (the only way you can blow) lots of blows with my trusty had Rocket style hand blower (I never use compressed canned air as OIL in the can is ALWAYS possible in manufacturing and sometimes has disastrous effects). Then I blow direct on the sensor last.

    after Just blowing it, I take a test shot of something bright like a wall, long exposure and under expose while moving the camera around to completely blur the underexposed completely tan or grey image.
    In photoshop do Levels and bring the highs and the lows to the middle and you will see every spot. put back into mirror lockup clean mode and with a NEW cotton swab start to wipe VVVVERY GENTLY so Less than no pressure is applied (The sensor has a clear plastic cover, but you do NOT want to scratch it) . To keep from scratching it if there was say a piece of sand (IE like GLASS on plastic cover) I would rotate (not twist) the qtip to LIFT the particle I was going for. If I was Not at a beach airshow, I would just wipe with the q-tip very lightly.

    I Know my camera, I worry Airshow Sunday with sand. I always clean that day or the next day depending how Sun poisoned and sleep deprived I am...SALT IS BAD, SAND IS BAD. That needs to be cleaned immediatly.

    Oh, I have not needed to clean my 40D yet with the self cleaner working so well but did my REBEL XT about 3 dozen times over years of ABUSE. Dam shame what the camera had to endure.....Dam shame
    The plastic on the sensor of my XTDoorstop still looks flawless after well over 300K actuations and as many cleanings.

    But that is me
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    Re: Serious Dust Issues

    I picked up a Dust Aid kit a few months perfectly.
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    Re: Serious Dust Issues

    i'm sending my to Nikon, i have trust and confidence issues....


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