Swing Low, Sweet Hillary
By BEN SMITH | 5/6/08 6:43 AM EST

INDIANAPOLIS — Evan Bayh was halfway through telling a story about "a steelworker in Northern Indiana" on stage beside his Senate colleague, Hillary Clinton.

"Anybody know what he said?" Bayh asked at the Saturday rally, starting to quote the
steelworker: "Our candidate is the one in the race –."

Clinton cut him off with a whisper and an urgent gesture.

"She doesn't want me to go there,” Bayh told the crowd. “OK. I won't. Alright, alright.”

Clinton may not like the story, but her supporters love it: The sheet metal workers union official in Portage, Indiana cited by Bayh had praised her "testicular fortitude" before lighting into unnamed "Gucci wearing, latte-drinking" opponents.

Also last week, a New York Post columnist wrote that she'd won the "cojones primary." [Full Article]