On our way to visit the NBAA 2007 (Atlanta), Chris Veringa and I decided (or was it more my choice..?) to make a kind of 'bizz trip'. Via New York Teterboro, Houston and Dallas we would end up wih the NBAA in Atlanta.

New York Teterboro (TEB):

16/09/2007 14.00-23.50
17/09/2007 06.25-14.30

4X-CMY CL604
B-KID Gulf. 550
C-FICA Fa100
C-GDII Hs125
HB-IUW Fa900
N100GN Gulf. 4SP
N112CF CL604
N113CS Gulf. 4
N115SK Fa50EX
N118MT CL601
N118RH CL604
N121ET CL604
N123CJ Ce525B
N126KD LJ60
N127KC Hs125
N12NZ Gulf. 4SP
N132FP Gulf. 2SP
N144PK Gulf. 4
N149QS Be400
N14FE LJ45
N15AX Hs125
N160JD LJ60
N162JB Hs125
N166WC Hs125
N173VP Ce650
N175BC Fa2000
N17KJ Gulf. 2SP
N181FH Hs125
N1929Y Fa2000
N192NC Gulf. 4SP
N198SL Ce550
N1Z Gulf. 200
N2000A Fa2000EX
N200DE CL604
N200LC Gulf. 4
N202EX Fa2000EX
N20FJ Fa20
N211GM Ce525
N213QS Fa2000
N215QS Fa2000
N220GS LJ35A
N223LB Sabre 65
N245QS Fa2000
N24JG Hs125
N24YS Gulf. 2B
N250FX LJ60
N250VC Gulf. 4SP
N251FX LJ60
N254FX LJ60
N25MB Fa900
N281QS Fa2000
N2929 Gulf. 550
N2BD Fa900EX
N2KZ Hs125
N300DG BD100
N300ES BD700
N305EJ Ce680
N307QS Ce680
N311GL Be400
N331BN Gulf. 200
N334FX CL604
N335FX CL604
N337QS Ce560
N33NL Hs125
N340QS Ce560
N345AA Gulf. 4
N345MA LJ45
N353QS Ce560
N353VA Gulf. 3
N35AJ LJ35
N362QS Ce680
N363CL BD100
N374PS Gulf. 2SP
N385QS Ce680
N39CD CL601
N3DP Gulf. 3
N400CP IAI 1125
N403QS Gulf. 4SP
N404QS Gulf. 4SP
N408CT Ce550
N408RT Hs125
N411PA Hs125
N413CS Ce525B
N413QS Gulf. 400
N417KT MU-300
N422FX LJ45
N423FX LJ45
N424FX LJ45
N429SJ Fa2000
N433FX LJ45
N440TC Gulf. 4
N444EP IAI 1124
N444GG Ce560
N451DC Gulf. 450
N452QS Gulf. 4SP
N467QS Gulf. 400
N476MK Fa50EX
N47AN Ce650
N492QS Gulf. 4SP
N502KA Gulf. 5
N504CC Ce560
N505FX BD100
N507HB Be400
N508FX BD100
N50SF Fa50
N5116 Gulf. 350
N515BP CL600
N515FX BD100
N515JT Legacy
N518QS Gulf. 550
N523CC Ce560XL
N525FX BD100
N525VG Ce525
N528CJ Ce525
N529KF LJ60
N531RC Ce680
N535V Gulf. 5
N541CS Ce560XL
N549LR Hs125
N54HA BD100
N552SK LJ60
N560CK Ce560
N561AC Ce560
N574DA LJ60
N575WB BD100
N585VC Hs125
N59AJ Gulf. 3
N600AJ LJ60
N601GB CL601
N601QS Ce560XL
N604GS LJ35A
N604QS Ce560XL
N60SN LJ60
N611FX LJ40
N614FX LJ40
N619QS Ce560XL
N61VE LJ60
N620MS Fa2000EX
N622QS Ce560XL
N623NP Gulf. 3
N626AT Ce560XL
N626RB Ce560
N636MF Gulf. 550
N647QS Ce560XL
N652QS Ce560XL
N661GA Gulf. 5
N663PD Gulf. 4
N664QS Ce560XL
N679QS Ce560XL
N682QS Ce560XL
N686QS Ce560XL
N68JV Be400
N696HQ Fa50EX
N699HH Gulf. 4SP
N699QS Ce560XL
N6JB CL601
N6VB BD700
N700R Hs125
N702GH Gulf. 4SP
N70AG Gulf. 5
N711GL Gulf. 4
N711SX BD700
N711VH Ce560XL
N725LB BD700
N727EF Ce550
N72PX Fa900
N72WS Fa900EX
N730M LJ60
N730QS Gulf. 200
N744DB LJ60
N747NB Gulf. 2SP
N748QS Gulf. 200
N752BP LJ60
N753PT Ce750
N755PT Ce750
N768TA Be400
N769MS IAI 1124
N76FC Hs125
N772PT Ce750
N775SM Legacy
N777MC LJ60
N777MX Ce650
N777SL Ce500
N77FK Gulf. 4SP
N78LT Fa50
N78TC BD100
N792TA Be400
N800GH Fa2000
N800XP Hs125
N801CF Hs125
N808TA Hs125
N80FB Hs125
N810KB Hs125
N815QS Hs125
N816QS Hs125
N817LX Hs125
N817PD Ce560
N821LX Hs125
N824HG Be400
N824LX Hs125
N829CB Ce550
N831ET CL604
N838MF Gulf. 5
N838SC BD700
N842DW Ce560XL
N848DM Ce560XL
N855GA Hs125
N85WD Gulf. 4
N860BA Fa50
N870QS Hs125
N878SM Gulf. 4SP
N87SF Ce550
N880M Hs125
N888ZF Gulf. 4SP
N893CW Hs125
N900HC Fa900EX
N904LX Legacy
N905LX Legacy
N906QS Ce750
N907LX Legacy
N907QS Ce750
N909AS Fa900
N909LX Legacy
N90NE LJ55
N913QS Ce750
N918TB Gulf. 4SP
N919RS LJ60
N91PE Ce501
N929AK Hs125
N929JH LJ31A
N938QS Ce750
N93SK LJ31
N940VA Be400
N960QS Ce750
N967QS Ce750
N969WR Gulf. 150
N971QS Ce750
N973HR LJ60
N975QS Ce750
N97DQ BD700
N980GG BD700
N988QC LJ35A
N996QS Ce750
VP-CMR Gulf. 4

Chris / Jeroen