It has been a while since I have posted, my busy season is upon me. And I am spending more time aloft than on terra firma. Right now it is 2:07 am on a Sunday morning,I sit at the keyboard,decompressing, glass of wine at hand. Seven hours ago I was descending over the Sierra Madre, the Mexican Rockies, engines throttled back to idle thrust, doing our space shuttle imitation, hurtling out of the flight levels, the blue,blue, Pacific in the far distance, dormant volcanoes passing underneath our wings,on the way into Puerta Vallarde.5.5 hours ago we were aloft once more, heavily laden,with pax , and fuel, grunting,and straining,and climbing, out,and up,over that same blue Pacific, before angling north,and east ,and over all that mountain,and desert,setting course for Detroit and home. 1.25 hours ago, we cleared customs, left our blue/white beauty of a Boeing behind at the gate ,for another crew, and drove home. Another day in the life complete. The race continues.