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Thread: What happens in Charles-De-Gaulle International Airport ?

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    What happens in Charles-De-Gaulle International Airport ?

    Hi everybody ! It's Raph ;) How are you ? I'm ehere to give you some informations about our airport.

    I remember Josh asking if it was true that spotting wasn't anymore allowed in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and in fact from nowon, every spotter has to bring with him an authorization. Well, currently we are working on the question of foreign people who could come here and spend some days around the airport for spotting like I did with you in March. I'll try to get you informed as quick as I can !

    Check this, we are famous on newspapers ! :D

    Well... That's it... Oh no, Remember of the 744 All Nippon Pokemon JA8962 ? It has been repaint with no new special colorscheme. But we can see this like 3 days a week :

    And here are some pictures of past weeks :

    Qatar DOHA2006 (One of the three orange ones)

    Mozart on the left main door of this A319 Austrian (I'm still running behind the A340 I missed at JFK lol) :

    China Eastern "Better Life, Better City":

    PIA A310 special scheme that come very often at CDG :

    Some nice lights :

    And to conclude a moonshot "made in Paris" ;) :

    Bye bye and have a nice Week end !
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    Beautiful shots, Raph. I love that Qatar livery.
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