okay first off , spare me, i know some of these have NO chance even after edit of making A.net/Jp.net so just to get that out of the way, i took quite a few pics, so ill post the ones that dont look like i took them with my eyes closed. Also, i got a close up tour of that Pan am bird that i always am getting shots of, to where i could touch it! (hint beyond trespassing fence ;) ) almost got inside the a/c but fireman had wrong keys!! lol , also the day was very dark and cloudy, so that just makes their potential worse. but oh well, onto the pics

also note these are all Originals. This was basically an experimenting/learning eperience for me.
if any pics have any potential bring it to my attention please, but for now i think they are all rejects no matter what edit is given. Also if i get less lazy, later i will post some others