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Thread: Trip Report-Air Chittock "Cheers, Beers n Queers"

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    Trip Report-Air Chittock "Cheers, Beers n Queers"

    Something a little different from home...hope you enjoy!

    Well after some short notice i was advised that i'd be heading to the Northern suburbs for "Cheers, Beers and Queers" at Luke Chittocks house, if you've ever had the fortune of having an "airline dinner" at Lukes house you'll know it's a better meal than most airlines provide!

    Route: Perth-Scarborough-Indian Ocean-Perth
    ETD: 1900
    ATD: 1915
    ETA: 2130
    ATA: 2200
    Seat: 1A
    Aircraft: VH-OEJ
    Date: 25 November 2005
    POB: 7
    Flying Time: 2hr 45min

    Our dreamtime seats.

    Well it was that time of the year again where we head north for the beach suburbs of Perth, Scarborough, to the house of celebrity travel agent and Air Chittock CSM Luke Chittock. Tonights flight would see us leave our respective homes with time to spare for the 1900 checkin for QFL 1, this flight is comprised of all business class seats so nobody is travelling in cattle class tonight. Doors were closed at 1910 and we pushed back for our scenic flight, after a short taxi ride and stop by at the refrigerator for more beer we made our way out to runway Cobb for an immediate departure.

    Tonights flight would see us head south west over towards Perth city, turn right and head out towards the indian ocean before returning via Scabs beach for a Cobb approach via Observation City. The climb was uneventful apart from the rowdy cheer of the queers who were getting hungry and thirsty, Luke was the CSM for this flight and the galley was stocked full with quality beer, none of this VB rubbish that Qantas is so fond of serving.

    Upon reaching our cruise altitude we reclined our dreamtime seats and awaited the arrival of our deluxe meal, tonights menu had an Italian theme accompanied by as much booze as your body can handle. I opted for the Lasagna A-La Luke which was served with beans and carrotts, Salad and bread rolls, No skimping either, lovely generous portions and lovely and hot meal.

    lovely meal as we cruise the skies of Perth

    CSM and celebrity travel agent Luke Chittock in the galley

    Jade climbing out with NZ 1

    if you think your dreaming...think again!

    CSM Luke enjoying a quality brew in seat 1A.

    Tim and Brett enjoying a beer that Qantas doesn't seem to serve to much of.

    Jade and Dan enjoying more beer in seat 1K and 1L

    me showing that Air NZ 747's can fly without wings and vertically too!

    Tea or Coffee? i don't think so we only serve beer on this flight!

    Luke and Blage in the galley, as you can see the mess developed and engulfed all spare space rather fast, mostly beer bottles!

    Air NZ climbing out, minus the wings!

    on descent courtesy of the boys!

    Luke working hard, as you can see pocket knives were allowed on this flight!

    beers, cheers and queers and some fine food!

    Jade and Dan seem to approve of the plastic cuttlery!

    our dinner complete with coffee cup filled with beer!

    tuck in mate!

    CSM Luke and Tim...Luke is well known for his celebrity status in Perth as a CSM.

    Luke occupying seat 1A...which was initially reserved for me! :)

    no coffee in these cups!

    me bringing Air NZ in on the Cobb ILS with Qantas VH-OJA on the downwind leg.

    Blage demonstrating the enormous flexibilty of the NZ 747 as Wunala passes from behind.

    the crew with Tim hiding under a 4711 scented hot towel courtesy of a major Asian carrier.

    front row: Brett, Tim and me on the floor
    back row: Jade, Luke Dan and Blage

    just some of the mess left behind by the business class passengers!

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    Great report, Monty. Us NYers need to have a drunken party too to compete.

    Funny shots. :)
    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Excellent report! And Crown Lager to boot? thats great!
    And I, I took the path less traveled by
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    I just got so hungry looking at those pics of your meals! Great job Monty.
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    just have to clarify that the term "Queers" is nothing to do with sexual orientation, we're all straight, it's just how we describe strange happenings/gatherings like this in Oz! and lets be honest its a pretty left field trip report :) Mario when you come to Perth we can fireup Air Chittock for you if you like?!? It's always a fun night out. My room is about to undergo the Nalanji makeover and i'm picking up some Dreamtime seats also! :D

    Nick, you won't find food like this in economy and you sure as **** won't come across an all beer carrier! :lol:

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    Looks like a great party, the only thing you guys needed was some hot Qantas FA's to server you.


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