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Thread: DC Roadtrip - IAD Pix

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    DC Roadtrip - IAD Pix

    Not to have my earlier thread get too long with too many pictures, here are some from IAD. I spend most of a day at the Air & Space Museum facility there, and in addition to the stuff in the museum, there are great spotting opportunities.

    The museum is located between the approaches to Rwy 1L & 1R. They have an observation deck, done up as a control tower. You have to shoot through glass, but you get to see things like:


    When you need a break from all that "old stuff" inside, head out to the parking lot:

    or something we don't see around NY much:

    Rafal told me to check out the parking garage, located between the departure ends of 1L & 1R, as they switch to departures after about 4:30. I headed on up, and sure enough around 4:30 - 5:00 they started departing that way. After a bunch of biz jets & RJs, I got to see some heavy iron, beginning with the KLM A330:

    Followed by the Air France 777-200:

    Next up was an Alitalia 767-300:

    UAL had some outbound stuff too, like a 777-200:

    Or how about a 744 defying the laws of gravity:

    Before leaving, I saw this taxi in to the "corporate" ramp - it's an RAF Bae 146. Seeing as how it was met by that "rent-a-car company" looking van on the right, plus the fact that the rooftop parking where I was at wasn't filled with British SAS troops, I assumed it wasn't HRH Prince Charles on board :shock:

    Again, many thanks to Rafal for all the great info on spotting at DCA & IAD, and for putting in a good word with the weatherman - it was mid-70s and sunny for most the week I was down that way.

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    Nice pics! Love that last UA B744 shot...outstanding.


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    Very nice
    "Regardless of where you go or what you do with the rest of your life,
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    Captain William Kinkead in a letter to the crew of TWA Flight 843

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    thanks for sharing...I really like the second one.


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