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Thread: 432 mm at JFK

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    432 mm at JFK

    Hi my digitial camera has 432mm of zoom are there any spots that anyone recomends at JFK That i would be able to get good shots with my camera? (fullframe)

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    Give this site a look see, it will give you spotting locations for JFK.

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    What are you shooting with? There are a bunch of spots you can get some good stuff using a big zoom. Check out Art Brett's site for some great information:

    Most of the more popular spots are highlighted there. Depending on the light, I've also had some success at Inwood & North Woodmere Parks. Also keep an eye on the "Spotting Planning & Review" topic and see if you can hook up with some of us - we tend to know all the good spots :lol:

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    Almost every spot at JFK REQUIRES a big zoom, so you're fine.
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