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Thread: Comair CRJ Incident at LGA a Few Years Back?

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    Comair CRJ Incident at LGA a Few Years Back?

    I was talking to someone who said that they were on a flight from Montreal to LGA flying Comair (so I assume it's a CRJ).

    This person claims that the plane was coming in too low, hit the landing lights and skid down the runway with the wing catching fire. Supposedly from 1999-2000.

    Did Delta (Comair) ever even fly to Montreal?

    Could this person have confused this with the Delta MD-80 that hit the Rwy 13 lights in 1996? Did the wing catch fire in that incident? And why would he/she say Comair then?

    Maybe a different Comair aircraft than a CRJ? (since I assumed it wasa CRJ)

    Maybe an exaggeration and there was a much less severe incident involving a Comair CRJ in this time period?

    Help me figure this one out. :)

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    There's only one incident in the NTSB database involving a Comair CRJ at LGA. On 10/24/00, a taxiing 727 clipped the winglet of a CRJ-600 which was stopped on a taxiway.
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    All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them under control.
    I trust you are not in too much distress. —Captain Eric Moody, British Airways Flight 9


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