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Thread: Awesome Take Off!

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    Awesome Take Off!

    I recently flew DL flight 640 from LGA to ATL. Being that it was an absolutely full flight, it was a very heavy 763. As we got on the runway, we stopped and waited for a plane to land. Right after that, we went up to what seemed like full throttle; but we still had the brakes on. The plane was shaking so much!! Once they let go of the brakes, we rocketed down the runway like no other take off!! It was AWESOME! But I have to admit it did startle me a bit.

    Also, everyone was telling me that I wasted my money flying first class on DL but I got a full meal on both of my flights, hot towels, an abundant amount of drinks, and hot flight attendants! I was impressed with DL first class unlike when I flew first class with US last month. We got nothing but one drink service.

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    Are hot flight attendants part of Delta's First Class amenities? Because they’re not on American, lol. You just gotta love take off's like that. A couple months back I was flying WN from ISP, we were delayed causing most of the people to cancel their trip, it was the last flight out to BWI. Long story short the flight only had 10 people on it. I've never felt a plane rocket off a runway so quick, maneuver, and climb out as I did on that flight. Never thought a 737 could move like that.

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    The Only hot flight attendents in the one world alliance are british airways
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