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    New Moderator

    With the boards growing a bit, I felt it would be a wise move to bring on a third man as moderator of our forums.

    Our friend Matt, also known as GothamSpotter, has joined our team. He is a regular poster here that I've known for some years that I worked with at another message board pertaining to New York City Transit.

    I hope you all welcome Matt as he helps us protect our forum and keep everything flowing smoothly.

    Welcome aboard Matt!

    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Thanks Phil!

    My fellow NYCAviators...allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt, and as you can see on the left, my handle is GothamSpotter. Phil's been a friend for a couple years now, and when he asked me to be a mod I was very excited because it's the first position of authority I've been in since I was fired from my job as an inmate torturer at Club Gitmo.

    Seriously though, I don't anticipate having to mediate too much controversy as a mod here as we all seem pretty well behaved. Of course the goal of this board is to grow to a point where us mods will have to break up fights and delete porn every once in awhile, which I will be happy to do.

    I've been fascinated by airliners since I was little, but I've really only started getting into spotting over the past couple years. That means most of you know more about aviation than I do, and hence you've probably seen a bigger % of my posts in the off topic sections...I learn so much from reading your posts and looking at your pics that I don't post too much in the av-related threads unless I actually see something odd or have a question.

    So keep up the good work!
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    I trust you are not in too much distress. —Captain Eric Moody, British Airways Flight 9

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    It's great to see things maturing to the extent that we need to add crewmembers. Should be quite a bit more traffic now since there's only a few minutes before all the porn is deleted. ;)

    Nice work, congratulations!

    "My wife is an air traffic controller. I married her because I've always wanted to screw the FAA." - B. Wulle


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