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Thread: Memorial Day Parade Pics

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    Memorial Day Parade Pics

    Memorial Day is one of my favorite days of the year. My town of College Point has a parade and several politicans come to it and walk down College Point Blvd.

    I took pics this year, and messed them up by not using exposure compensation. Oh well. I'll spare you folks the pics of Mayor Bloomberg and other pols and give you these:

    Here are some of my shots:

    Miss USO was there, too. She was acting like a goody-goody all day and peopel were treating her like that.

    I told her to get up on one of the Corvettes displayed and spread her legs, and she went for it....but the car owner siad "No, her rhinestones will scratch my car!"

    So I settled for this:

    I have a zoomed-in shot for anyone who wants to IM me for it. ;) lol

    Not quite the Jones Beach Air Show, but a fun time for me nonetheless.
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    Definitely a great holiday. I hope everyone enjoyed it just as much!

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    Great shots, Phil.
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