Welcome, everyone.

Before reading about actually posting your experiences, please read the "Letter to Public Readers" thread to get a feel for what the goal of this forum is. Please keep in mind that these stories are displayed publicly, and might be viewed by people in positions that can help or hurt our hobby. Because of this, while we strongly urge you to vent your frustrations that you might have, please be fair in your judgments and most importantly, 100% truthful.

To organize these threads, please title the them in the format of date and airport, and maybe the specific location after that. For example:

6/14/05 LGA Planeview Park


5/8/05 JFK

As long as you clearly state the date and location, that's fine. There is a chance that you'll see me go in and edit only the thread title, which is one of the very rare times you'd ever see me tamper with someone's posts, but it's only to keep it organized.

Otherwise, I want your stories to be as detailed as you are willing, and to be completely honest. If profanity was used in the encounter from either side, feel free to use the actual words.

Feel free to use pseudonyms for police officers or other participants if you'd like to protect privacy, but state names if you'd really prefer.

If your encounter is one that makes you angry, then don't be afraid to show it. BE constructive, but vent.

Otherwise, thank you for participating here. These rules might be updated here and there, so check in every now and again.


-Phil D.
Site Administrator