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  1. Gyms in Airports: Best Idea Ever, or the Death of an Era?

    Sometimes an idea crops up that is long overdue, and leaves us wondering why nobody has thought of it yet. My excuse is that I always assume every idea of merit has already been thought of and...
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    Bomb Scares Get Flight Attendant Arrested!

    One of the worst things you can do on-board an aircraft is make a bomb threat. Even mentioning the word bomb could get you escorted of a plane. So what would make a flight attendant cry wolf, not...
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    who is to blame for this alrshow crash?

    Every now and again a news article breaks that involves aircraft crashing due to totally avoidable circumstances. The information age has made this even more prevalent since people are communicating...
  4. Air Traffic Controller pisses off pilot with bad attitude!
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