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  1. Plane Spotting - Heavy Rain and Lightning Short Final at Fort Lauderdale

    Aircraft Taking off and Landing on 28R and 28L at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Weather starts off with heavy clouds and then deteriorates quickly in the video. Sit back relax and enjoy....
  2. 20 + Minutes of Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale

    Over 20 minutes of plane spotting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. You will see everything from Airbus and Boeing Jets to a Sea plane and Cessna aircraft. 10 Right provides you with all...
  3. Grumman G-73 Chalks Seaplane Flight 1993 Fort Laudedale to Miami to Key West

    Chalks Airline Flight from KFLL to KMIA to Key West aboard a Grumman G-73 Mallard. Found this video in the family archives and wanted to share.
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    757 Landing in a Heavy Fog at ATL

    Landing in 1/8th mile visibility with fog. Overcast ceiling at 300 feet above the airport made for very tough conditions for a landing.
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    FedEx MD 10 Full Throttle Takeoff

    This was a beautiful Takeoff of the MD 10-30F that FedEx still flies to this day. Its look into the past of a popular passenger aircraft. Sit back relax and enjoy....
  6. SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-12 Launch from 30000 feet on Delta flight 1420!!!

    Delta Flight 1420 As seen from 30,000 feet on our way from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta. .
    KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA – SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-12 rocket launch on Monday, August 14, from Kennedy...
  7. Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale Airport on both runways with ATC!

    Enjoy some Views from 10R and 10L at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. You will see Delta, Spirit, Jet Blue, United, American and more in this Video. Both Videos were shot from the...
  8. On-board Takeoff Boeing 737-800 out of MIA with ATC

    Beautiful Takeoff with ATC out of Miami International Airport. You are seated in Row 9 on the Left Side of the Aircraft. This location gives you an unobstructed view of the Takeoff and the Miami...
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    Air Rescue! - Bell Helicopter 412

    This Video will show the Transport of the Police Officer to the Helicopter followed by the takeoff of the Air Rescue. This video also includes the ATC and visuals of the Airport and Accident...
  10. Thunderstorm Plane Spotting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

    Stormy Departures and Landings at KFLL with ATC. Departures were given an immediate turn to the North East and then to the North by the Tower. Great to see the awareness of the weather and the...
  11. Takeoff American Eagle Embraer ERJ 145LR at KFLL

    Takeoff from KFLL on Runway 10R.
    American Eagle Embraer ERJ 145LR.

    Just some plane spotting that I do occasionally at KFLL.
  12. Jet Blue Rolling Takeoff at Fort Lauderdale with ATC

    This was an Immediate Rolling Takeoff for Jet Blue due to traffic on a 3 mile final. This video contains Live ATC so you can hear the instructions and communication between Pilots and ATC.
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    4th of July American Airlines Montage!

    This is a Montage of all the the American Airlines Plane Spotting over the years. You will see all the paint schemes that American Airlines is currently using as well as some rare ones. Sit back...
  14. Thanks! It's the new runway they opened at Fort...

    Thanks! It's the new runway they opened at Fort Lauderdale about 8 months ago so all the landscaping is fresh and clean cut.
  15. I love flight sims but for the record it's a real...

    I love flight sims but for the record it's a real video...however I might need a better camera with a better zoom feature. Normally they are taking off from the opposite direction at this viewing...
  16. Thanks for the was rare to me since...

    Thanks for the was rare to me since I had never witnessed the Astrojet look on a AA plane. Can you explain a SIM video?...kinda new here
  17. American Airlines AstroJet Boeing 737-800

    This is a rare catch of the American Airlines Astojet Boeing 737 at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
    This special livery commemorated American Airline’s 50th next generation Boeing 737. The...
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    Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 Takeoff

    Nice Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 Takeoff from Runway 10R at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.
    Clear Blue Skies with a slight breeze in the air.
    Thanks for watching and Enjoy!
  19. Takeoffs and Landings on New South Runway 10R at Fort Lauderdale

    Beautiful Takeoffs and Landings on the New South 10R/28L runway.
    Blue skies around the airport but winds gusting to 30mph.
  20. Landing at Las Vegas on a Southwest Boeing 737-700 with ATC

    Beautiful Approach and Landing into Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on Runway 25L.
    I shot this Video from Seat 7A on Southwest Flight 902 from Ft. Lauderdale to Las Vegas.

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    Wind Shear on Approach and Landings with ATC

    Great Video I captured the other day with ATC of Airliners on Approach and Landing with a Wind Shear Alert. Great to hear the communication between the Pilots and the Tower about the Wind Shear and...
  22. Early Evening Plane Spotting with Light Rain Showers at Fort Lauderdale

    Commercial and Private Aircraft landing at FLL during the Early Evening with Light Rain. Thunderstorms were located just North of Runway 28L which you can see in the Video. Enjoy!
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    Fort Lauderdale Plane Spotting with ATC

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