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  1. My First Attempt At An Airborne Plane Spotting Video

    OK, it's not the smoothest and I added a classical music backing track because I had to turn off the microphones while filming (open cockpit)...but I really enjoyed the airborne spotting experience. ...
  2. Thank you for watching.

    Thank you for watching.
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    Planes Crossing The Rising Blue Moon At KBOS
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    Classic 747SP In Boston

    This lovely VIP bird (owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation) pops into Boston to pickup/deliver high rollers.
  5. Various Departures At Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

    I hope you enjoy the variety.
  6. Glad you all liked those. I really enjoyed...

    Glad you all liked those. I really enjoyed spotting at AMS on a recent visit. Reportedly, sights like these are pretty common there.
  7. I was equally amazed when I saw it happen. ...

    I was equally amazed when I saw it happen. Thanks for watching.
  8. Airbus A350 "Hush-liner" Fly-by At Paris Air Show 2013

    On only it's third flight, the A350 team incorporated a pass by Le Bourget Airport into the flight test program, which thrilled the crowds at the Paris Air Show. I recorded this from the grandstand....
  9. Thanks for watching!

    Thanks for watching!
  10. Two Crosswind Landings At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    These crews did great jobs on these landings. Be sure to check out both.
  11. Boeing 787 Flying Display At The Paris Air Show 2013

    This plane is so agile and beautiful!
  12. Paris Air Show 2013 - Airbus A380 Flying Display

    I shot this on June 21st at the air show.
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    Ill-fated Asiana 777 HL7742 In Better Days

    I took the video clips back on Labor Day weekend 2012.
  14. First International DL Flight At JFK T4 Gets Water Cannon Salute - From New Sky Deck
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    KLM 747 - Hard Landing At SXM

    The undercarriage got a decent workout on this landing.
  16. Two Dramatic (But Standard) Landings At St. Barth's
  17. 12.5 Minutes Of Spotting At Miami International Airport - January 2013

    This is a compilation from my spotting visit to KMIA in January. The weather wasn't the best but the action was awesome!!!
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    JAL 787 Resumes Revenue Service From Boston

    Boston plane spotters were out in force for the return of the JAL 787 on June 1, 2013. Interestingly, the bird to restart service was none other than JA829J, the one that suffered the cargo bay fire...
  19. Awesome LAX Video From My Friend "BostonAirborne"

    I am speechless!!!!

  20. Concorde and the REAL Air Jamaica!

    I loved both of them!
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    787 Visits Boston - From My Perspective

    I really enjoyed checking out the interior.

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    Spotting At Miami - 13 Minutes Of Cool Planes!

    I visited KMIA from January 14-15 and even encountered some NYCAviation members while spotting. I compiled the following video from the clips that I shot. I hope that you enjoy it.
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    A Few LAX Spotting Videos

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I flew from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. I made my way back to Boston...via Los Angeles. I stopped in for 7 hours of spotting but I also got to fly on an A330-200 and a...
  24. Thanks. Such visitors are a real rarity up here!

    Thanks. Such visitors are a real rarity up here!
  25. First-ever Lufthansa Airbus A380 Visit To Boston

    Due to a diversion from JFK on 10/29/11. It was a pleasant surprise for Boston spotters.
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