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  1. Eurofighter Typhoon Royal Air Force flying Display at RAF Fairford
  2. (4K) Royal Thailand Air Force Airbus A340-541 HS-TYV departure at Munich Airport
  3. (4K) Engine failure Huge Fireball Tornado IDS German Air Force
  4. (4K) 2 Northrop F-5E/F Tiger II Hornet Swiss Air Force departure and arrival at Emmen
  5. (4K) Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker USAF departure Geilenkirchen Airbase
  6. (4K) NATO AWACS Boeing E-3A Sentry departure Geilenkirchen Airbase
  7. (4K) 2 Northrop F-5E/F & 4 F/A-18C Hornet Swiss Air Force departure Emmen Air Base
  8. Boeing E-4B 747-200 Nigh****ch Doomsday USAF arrival Munich Airport
  9. (4K) Transall C-160D Retro Livery Sarajevo approach at Neuburg an der Donau Airbase
  10. Lockheed P-3C Orion & CP-140 Aurora Compilation departures arrivals flypast
  11. Drogue parachute arrival landing Compilation
  12. (4K) 9 Eurofighter Typhoon departure from Neuburg Airbase Luftwaffe German Air Force
  13. (4K) Antonov Airlines Antonov AN-74T UR-74010 arrival at Munich Airport
  14. (4K) Antonov AN-26B Eleron UR-CSJ arrival and departure at Munich Airport
  15. (4K) NEW Bavarian Tiger Eurofighter Typhoon Livery 31+01 arrival at Neuburg Airbase
  16. (4K) 2 Eurofighter Typhoon Takeoff from the Luftwaffe German Air Force at TaktLwG 74
  17. (4K) Panavia Tornado ECR Luftwaffe German Air Force 46+40 departure Manching Airbase
  18. (4K) Bombardier Global 6000 Luftwaffe German Air Force 14+05 departure
  19. (4K) Emirates EXPO 2020 Blue Livery Airbus A380-842 A6-EVH departure Munich Airport
  20. (4K) Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger UHT 74+23 Luftwaffe GAF Takeoff flypast and landing
  21. (4K) Bell UH-1D MAT 98+98 Luftwaffe German Air Force Takeoff flypast and landing Manc
  22. (4K) Airbus A400M Atlas Luftwaffe German Air Force 54+21 departure Manching Airbase
  23. (4K) Heavy planes rare movements special liveries Landings Take-off's 4K 50fps A380
  24. (4K) Transall C-160D Special Livery Luftwaffe 50+40 departure Manching Airbase WTD-61
  25. (4K) Bell UH-1D Iroquois 70+89 German Air Force flypast and landing Manching Airbase
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