NYCAviation Forum Rules Forum Rules

The following rules apply to each forum on this site and exist to protect you the member. All members are expected to follow these rules without exception.


The NYCAviation Staff is made up of volunteers that have the final word. Suggestions and discussions about various issues are welcome in the Site Related forums, but do not publicly argue or criticize them. If you have a larger issue, contact an Administrator by Private Message or email ([email protected]).

NYCAviation is Not Responsible

NYCAviation not responsible for any illegal or offensive content on these forums. Content deemed to be in violation of the rules will be dealt with by our moderator staff in a timely fashion.

NYCAviation cannot be held liable for any information you offer about yourself to others. Please be responsible with your personal information. Keep in mind that content on is public, and can be viewed by your employers, friends, family, law enforcement, or anyone whose notice might put you in a compromising situation. Keep this in mind when creating your username.


A member is allowed one username per person. If you have a technical or personal issue where you may need to create a second/replacement user account, please notify an Administrator first at [email protected]. This may result in an immediate ban.


Any member who makes false statements about their employer, position, qualifications, certifications, or responsibilities pertaining to aviation and the airline industry will be banned.


An Avatar is the image associated with your account that appears under your username with each post. It can be changed as often as you'd like as long as you abide by the following guidelines.

Size: Avatars may not exceed 200x200 pixels in size and not more than 40K in data size.
Content: It may also not be overly offensive, sexually explicit, or overly distracting, as deemed by NYCAviation Staff.
Violation of either will result in deletion of the avatar by an administrator, or a request for the member to remove it within 24 hours before action is taken.


Signatures are a line of text that you can create and set to be added at the bottom of each post of yours. Your signature can be edited by clicking on "User Control Panel>Profile>Edit Profile", at the top of any forum page.

Signature content: Content of an offensive or extremely sexual nature, as determined by NYCAviation staff, is not allowed as part of your signature.
Images: With the exception of site-provided "smilies", images, regardless of size, are not allowed in signatures.
No HTML or BBCode: Beyond a URL or italicized text, no other HTML or BB Code will be allowed in a signature. Bold words are also not allowed.
Links: Links may be posted to another website, or a collection of your own photography. Links determined to be advertising for yourself an NYCAviation competitor will be subject to our rules pertaining to Advertising (see "Advertising" below).
Lines of Text: Signatures may not contain more than three stacked lines, and more than 125 total characters in length.
If it is deemed any part of your signature breaks any of these stipulations, it may result in deletion of the signature by an administrator, or a request for the member to remove it within 24 hours before action is taken.


Forum Placement: Posts should be related to the board you are posting them on, as per the forum descriptions (see further below). If a Moderator feels it would be best in a different forum, it will be moved and the member will be notified.
Inappropriate Content: Posts that contain unnecessary usage of profanity, sexual imagery, nudity, violence or other inappropriate content (written or other), as deemed by the moderator, can lead to action ranging from editing to an immediate ban.
Low Quality Posts: Replies that add little to a post (examples are posts solely consisting of comments such as: "Great Shot" or "Wow!") are fine, as we all like to lend support to other member's photos and postings. However, when these posts occur in blasts (flooding), or when they make up a significant percentage of the member's overall posting habits, moderators may take action ranging from post deletion or ban. (revision 6/12/10)
Posting Articles: With the exception of Press Releases, do not post full articles that you did not write. We encourage you to share articles that you think the community will find interesting. However, posting an entire article without the publisher's permission is no better than someone using one of your photos on their site without your permission. So, when posting articles, post an excerpt of the article (up to 3 paragraphs), post the source, author and date published and post a link to the full article. Violating posts will be deleted.
Rumors: The consistent posting of rumors without clearly expressing that they are not fact or not yet confirmed will result in a warning. To prevent the posting of erroneous information, use a link to cite your source.
Grammar: Members who consistently use poor grammar and excessive misspelling to the point where it affects the flow, enjoyment or representation of the forum, will receive a warning from Moderators.
Thread Titles: Thread Titles must be descriptive of what the thread's subject matter is. Posts with titles such as "This Is Funny" or "Look at this" (among other similar examples) are subject to various moderating action.
Capital Letters: In internet communication, certain usage of capital letters is considered to be yelling. Using all capital letters in a post will result in deletion. Thread titles must begin with a capital letter, and must not have all capital letters, unless as appropriate for abbreviations for locations, airports, airlines codes, etc.
Thread Hijacking: Thread hijacking is the posting of unrelated or off-topic material in a thread. Off-topic posts that exceed two in a discussion are our general rule of thumb, but moderator discretion will be used. This includes but is not limited to jokes and side-comments. Exceptions are if the thread-starter shows willingness to continue the thread's new turn, or if the initial topic of discussion has resolved of its own momentum, as determined by the moderator. Such posts will be deleted or split into a new thread.
Duplicate Threads: Do not post a new thread on the subject of an already existing thread. This may result in merging with the existing topic, or deletion of the new thread. Please use the following time guidelines for new threads:
--> News-Related Posts: If there are developments in a news story, you must use the existing thread unless it has been dormant for at least 2 weeks.
--> Visual Media: Posting of videos or photos found online should not use a new thread unless it has not been posted within 3 months.
--> Request for Information: Inquiries for spotting, traveling or other hobby or travel-related information should not be posted if another thread has been made for the same or similar request for 2 weeks prior (Ex: EWR Spotting Help).

Personal Conversation: Speaking directly to another member should be done by PM and not publicly, unless it's a topic that you'd like to include others in, which is the point of The Galley forum.

Descriptive Posts. For the protection of other members, new threads or posts that contain a link with no written description of where it goes or what it is may be deleted. This does not include the description that is required in the thread title; the post itself must also have a description. The only exception will be replies where someone is asking for a specific link.

Attacks/Debate/Trolling Trolling is considering the posting of messages that aim to create conflict, bait people in arguing or attack other members.

Respect: Passionate discussion and debate is understandable and expected for certain subject matter. However, please remember to keep your posts respectful. If it is deemed a poster is out of line or purposely attempting to provoke other members, their posts may be removed or edited and the poster will be notified. Please notify an Administrator if any abuse occurs (see "Reporting Posts" below).

Profanity: Cursing, as defined by NYCAviation staff, is filtered out with asterisks. Though filtered (revision 12/30/07), these terms must be kept to a minimum and cannot be used in a way that is directed at another member, their views, or in the context of anger. This behavior may result in a warning or ban depending on its severity.

Inside Jokes: Making a joke or poking fun at a friend can still come across as an attack to people whether they know you are friendly toward that person or not. Be mindful of how your post may come across to all readers. Private messages are an excellent alternative for inside jokes.

Personal Attacks: There are no personal attacks allowed. This includes name-calling. Refrain from making small snide or sarcastic remarks. Learn to disagree without telling the person that they are stupid, even indirectly with sarcastic comments. Explain your points with terms like "I feel," or "I think," to be less aggressive. Address the post and not the poster. Remember, calling someone's opinions or posts stupid is also a personal attack.

Baiting: Baiting other members into an argument is not allowed. A sarcastic remark or a topic that you know (or even if you don't know) will cause an argument, be taken personally, or create drama, will be edited or deleted. This includes unconstructive or aggressive comments in regards to photo database sites such as or

Retaliation and Engaging: If you read a harshly worded comment about a company that you happen to work for, do not interpret it as a personal attack. If you, as an employee, have some information that might constructively add to the conversation, please share it, but otherwise please do not respond angrily to the poster just because you feel obligated to defend your company. Similarly, responding angrily to any post, whether it violates a rule or not, is subject to moderator action, as it adds to unnecessary conflict. Such posts should be reported instead of responded to. (Revision 7/19/08)

Discrimination: Any posts that blatantly display discrimination over a person's race, gender, religion or sexual orientation or employment will receive at least a warning or a ban.

Photo Critique: Do not negatively criticize anyone's photography on this forum, whether they are members here or not. If they ask for criticism, keep it respectful and constructive. (Ex: Not a bad photo. Your composition is good but I think you could use some more Levels work in Photoshop.)

Smilies: Though often used to set a friendly tone, "smilies" do not necessarily make otherwise aggressive comments or tones acceptable and may still be subject to moderating.


Misuse: Posting someone else's photos as though your own will result in an immediate ban.

Size: With rare exception, do not post any photos larger than 1200 pixels wide or 800 pixels high unless you are specifically looking for assistance where the original file is necessary. For those unique shots (unique aircraft or individually appealing photo), do not post many in sizes larger than 1200. Threads with a collection of rather "normal" photos (as defined by NYCAviation moderators) will be sent back to the photographer for resizing. (Revision 1/10/10)

Quantity: Post no more than 12 photos in a thread's page, per user, unless a special circumstance and moderators deem it acceptable. Please use judgment.

Load Warning: Any new thread that has more than 9 photos in the first post must have a warning in the thread title (Ex: "Many Photos!" or "56K = NO").


No unauthorized advertising is allowed on this site. Any that is found will be removed, and the offending party may receive an invoice from NYCAviation.

A link to your website or another's is allowed in your profile only, as long as it does not compete with NYCAviation or deemed to be inappropriate. Links in Signatures is allowed as per the Signature rules, stated above.

Administrative Fiat

Rules may be modified, added or removed at any time. Just because something might not be in the rules does not mean it's not allowed. Any administrator reserves the right to automatically apply warnings, suspensions or bans as they deem fit.

The level of punishment may also be modified as per the moderator/administrator discretion.

Modifications and revisions to the rules will be posted in this list with a date for its addition at its end. A post pointing out the new addition will also be made.

Repeated Violations

The consistent or repeated breaking of "lesser" rules may well lead to a warning from administrators.

Three Warnings

Warnings are given either for offenses of a moderate nature, or an accumulation of lesser ones. Each warning will remain on your account for 6 months. Three active warnings will result in a suspension (ban) ranging anywhere from 2 weeks to permanently, depending on the nature of the violations, at the discretion of NYCAviation Staff.

Your Role

Reporting posts

It is strongly encouraged that members use the "report post" option when a violation of these rules has occurred. A Moderator or Administrator is more likely to catch the infraction faster. Click on the Image button and give a small description of the violation. There is a lot of activity on these forums and moderators can't see everything without your help. We appreciate your support.

Forum Descriptions

General Discussion

Discuss aviation in general. Post anything aviation related that does not belong in the other more specific forums.

--> Rumors: "News" that is unconfirmed, or flat out rumors, are to go in the General Discussion forum, and not the News forum.

News and Aircraft Visitors

Keep up to the minute with all the info that members and staff provide. Discuss upcoming news events and special aircraft visitors and equipment subs. Post news from anywhere, not just New York City.

--> Foreign News: Even news from outside of New York City, or even out of the country, can be posted and discussed here.

--> Aircraft Visitor Photos: New threads with photo coverage of a special aircraft visitor may be posted in either the Spotting Planning forum or in this one, but not both. This does not include the Daily Report threads, which is fine for posting there and in a new thread in either forum.

--> Daily Reports:
-Be sure that aircraft visitors you post in the "Daily Report" threads for any airport are not regular service. Your post might be edited or deleted.
-Do not use this thread to discuss runway configuration, weather conditions or other "news" for the airport.
-New threads for more unique visitors are more than welcome to be posted in a whole new thread.

Spotting Planning and Review

Plan out your spotting meet-ups, learn about spotting locations, see who is going out this weekend and post photos and discuss how your spotting adventure went all over the world!

--> Dates: If a thread already exists for a certain airport and date (Ex: JFK 3/18), you must use that thread for posting your own review or plans. New threads will be merged with the existing one.

--> Aircraft Visitors: New threads with photo coverage of a special aircraft visitor may be posted in either the News and Aircraft Visitors forum or in this one, but not both. This does not include the Daily Report threads, which is fine for posting there and in a new thread in either forum.

Trip Reports and Travel Planning

Ask questions about what airline to fly or share great deals that you've found, in addition to posting your trip reports!


Come and discuss aviation or non-aviation photography. Talk about cameras, nice photos, ask for advice or show off your work!

--> Spotting Photos: Reviews of a day's photography are only allowed here if you are asking for photo-related help, but may be posted in either forum.


Learn about, plan, discuss and review aviation events! Parties, picnics, airshows, jet-pulls, collectible shows, etc.

--> Thread Creation: You don't have to be NYCAviation staff to start a thread on an event, but if you do create one, try to be as descriptive as possible. If new information is added in a later post in the thread, add it to the original post as well, maybe italicizing or bolding it.

--> Event Types: Events are to be aviation-related only, or for NYCAviation members, but open to any member of the public who would like to attend (unless there is an alcohol-related age limit). Events that exclude anyone for other reasons will be deleted. I will also crash that event in a drunken stupor.

--> Thread Titles: Always post the date in the thread title, and do not use all caps.

--> Reviews: Use the same threads for both planning and review of the event. This includes the photography coverage of such events.

Spotter Blotter

Had a run-in with local law enforcement while watching planes? Good or bad, share it and discuss it here.

--> Anti-Authority Sentiment: Any comments considered to bash or attack law enforcement, government or airport authority will result in deletion of the post/thread, and probably a warning or even temporary suspension as well. Sharing your disappointment or upset feelings about an encounter is fine, but keep it respectful and constructive.

--> Thread titles: For the organization of the threads, titles should state the date of the vent, the airport, and perhaps the specific location after that. (Ex. LGA 4/1/05 Planeview Park). Limit your personal comments in the thread title.

--> False Comments: Any gross exaggeration or false explanation of events will result in deletion of the thread, and probably a warning or even temporary suspension as well. Accusations of false posts are to be sent to administrators by PM or email ([email protected]) with evidence or a witness report, and are not to be posted in the thread.

--> Names: Do not post any real names of officers, official or civilians in the explanation of your encounter. This includes other members, as sometimes they may not want to be associated with your report. Violations will be deleted or edited, unless the mentioned member has no issues.

Registration Logs and Requests

A place to post registration movement logs, find out registrations that you might have missed, determine the registration from fleet numbers, and more.

--> Log Registrations: All logs, unless it is a vintage log from years ago, must contain the registration of most of the listed aircraft, not just airline and type.

Off Topic

Discuss anything not aviation-related. Political discussion, current events, car talk, world news, books, etc.

The Galley

A place to speak directly with fellow members. Talk about their avatars, welcome new members, make dinner plans with people, crack a joke, or say whatever you wanted to say in another thread without taking it off-topic.

Site Related

Discuss anything about the site as a whole. Learn about what our plans are for the future and give your feedback. Have a tech problem? Question about moderating? Ideas? Tell us here (or by email; [email protected]).