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  1. Hey Nick,

    Been following your history with the 300mm prime vs 80-400 etc on :-) As you know, I have a 200-400mm f/4 which is indeed superb, but a BOTCH to handle... heavy, big, etc. SUPER SHARP for a zoom and the cheapest 400mm lens nikon makes LOL.

    I was wondering if you could share some samples of your 300mm f/4 with and without the TC 1.4 ... I'd love to see some full 100% crops. I am looking for a SMALLER traveling / compact alternative to my setup. And yes, to answer your question from when I met you ("Can you handhold that thing"?) I can, but it is difficult to get CRITICAL SHARPNESS which I think you know well what I am talking about. Most people don;t know until they see the difference LOL.

    Hey man, thanks for your time, advice and expertise as always!

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