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  1. so the same photo that was rejected on Anet was top 5 on jetphotos.
  2. Eric,

    When I started my current job, it took over a month before anyone trusted me on my own :-) and even then, I was supervised! Don;t feel bad man, you are completely right...
  3. Manny,

    You work in IT, I want your opinion. I thought I was starting a new job today, but it ended in just 1 day. Your honest opinion. would you say it is customary for a new employee(helpdesk) to get some sort of training, either shadow a coworker for a couple of days just to get the lay of the land. Well today i started this job where the manager expected me to be on the phone within 5 minutes of starting the job. thoughts? he gave in to a day of training but at the end of the day he told me that was it. It was a temp to perm position.
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