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  1. Hey no problem!! I thought he was totally out of line and from past messages I knew some of your background!! I dont like the way some others treat you also!! At least you have thoughts to share while others just criticize!! It would have been nice if one of the moderators stuck up for you also!! Hey at almost 59 I guess I'm considered a senior also!! I take ribbing from friends and family but I know its with love!! I dont think hes a bad kid its just the disrespect young ones give elders!! He'll learn!! Feel better and keep spotting!!
  2. Thanks for your kind words. I do often go off-topic but it's no reason for some young squirt out there to verbally attack me. I am a senior in poor health and don't need to be insulted. I must learn to stick to a topic and not go off into tangents. Thanks for your defending me.
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