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  1. Sorry not to contact you but I had a bad stroke caused by AFib back in 2016. No longer spot as I have no car. I must spot via the internet. Spotting was my passion so I am very depressed but it was no longer fun anyway. Security at JFK chased me away from my spotting places and the new AirTrain forbids photography as do the new parking garages. No car means can't spot outside JFK. Are you still in the Sunshine State? Keep in touch; I am on Facebook. Happy Holidays !
  2. Hi: Again, none of the moderators have taken action as I am still getting nasty responses from Jared Blech, Zee 71 (Mark), lijk604 (John). I posed a simple question: How did the UN diplomats come to NY whose aircraft weren't photographed and the response was by "Banana Boat"; this was un-called for. This has been going-on for a while and nobody comes to my assistance. On the JFKTower site, whenever I got harrassed, the poster got a warning and then got banned. On this site, I am the one getting warned of getting banned. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Mark. I had trouble last week on forum. About 3 or 4 guys ripped into me and insulted me. I was asking about why some waypoint (fixes) names get changed while others remain for decades. I got nasty replies. Isn't there a rule that members harrassing other members get banned? I have always showed other members respect and courtesy and expect the same. Are you still by FLL? My spotting days now are few as I have bad knees and most of my old spots have been closed. Without a car, spotting is nearly impossible. Last week, got harrassed at LGA by a TSA guy. Myron
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