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  1. Hi. Don't feel so bad about your incident with the Intrepid, You're not the only one. When they held welcoming ceremonies a few years back for the British Concorde, I got an invitation to attend as a guest. Upon arrival, I was told that in order to enter, I had to pay the regular admission so I refused and I was also furious. I managed to find a way to see the ceremonies anyway but had to stand and missed the first part. Also, in the 80's, the Port Authority promised me a private tour of the JFK tarmac where I could take photos. We were to meet at the GAT. The guy never showed-up and never bothered to answer his phone. I sent him a nasty letter the following day and never got a reply or even the courtesy of an apology. I spent over $60 on car service for nothing as I have no car.
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