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  1. Hi John, how are you? Hope all is well and I see you posting on NYCA often.

    Today I know how you felt a couple of years ago, as I got laid off from my job today that I was at for almost five years. I've been in the IT field since I left Summit seven years ago this month. The first job I was at two years, before moving up to this job which was a step up. Unfortunatly the company has not been doing that great and I was let go today. So now it's back to pounding the pavement.

    A return to aviation is a definite possibility for me and I would appreciate any leads that you might hear of for open positions. Being active in the field you may have a lot more knowledge than I have on goings on. I'd also like to put you down as a reference if you don't mind?

    Please contact me at [email protected], and my phone# is (631) 242-3070.

    Talk soon, take care.......
    Peter Ball
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