View Full Version : Friendly Police Encounter- PHL- 4/19/2015

2015-06-23, 10:54 PM
I was out at the UPS lot (private property) at PHL picturing 27L departures. I saw this police car approaching us directly from behind and I automattically prepare to leave the spot. The officer said "no, no! You don't have to leave! I just came to say hello!" I recognized the officer and greeted him as I knew him, he knew who I was to. He was like "getting great shots with that big (150-600mm) lens on. I was like "you know it!" He asked me what was I after at that spot, I told him that I was trying for an ATI 757. He said "I recommend going back to where you always are, that is a big plane! I told him "The takeoff performance on an empty 757 is second to none." We watched it take off together and he was like "You were right!" He asked me why I haven't posted on flickr in a long time and I said "School and Pilot Training" He was like "I'm looking forward to more pictures and I said "you bet!"

2015-06-23, 11:10 PM
Now that's a great encounter!