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2013-12-09, 01:02 AM
Back in November a Landmark Line person ran up to the fence while I was on a public sidewalk and said I couldn't take pictures of airplanes or the Landmark ramp, I walked across the street to a business and he finally went back to his duties so I walked to my truck then he was back at the fence just staring at me so I took his photo and he started with the 'prepare to copy license plate' stuff on his radio. So I left and came back and got the pics of Exxon-Mobils G650 &G550 from across the street. I posted those and his on Flickr and here. Tonight I came home from work and had a Flickr-mail from him, he had seen his photo on my page and would like it removed...and he did say please...

Removal of Photos

Good Evening,
After looking through some aviation photos thru Flikr I ran across two photos you have posted of myself on your account, I am asking that you please remove these.

If you can recall at Landmark Aviation I had asked you not to take photos on our ramp, this coming from my supervisor who wanted this task completed. After I talked with him about photography within our company's fence line I went to my manager for a follow up, his answers were both yes and no.

So I figured instead of sitting here trying to debate how to approach this I would contact you via email. Firstly I would like to apologize for the way I approached you on the fence line, I too have been in aviation since I was a kid, taken pictures with the same approach from others.
Second: I got an answer that as long as you are not inside the parking lot of Landmark you can take pictures roadside or across the street.

As before I would like to apologize...
My first thought was to thank him for the apology and take the photos down knowing he did what his supervisor told him to do, but this Landmark crap was supposed to have been settled last year and ceased after I met with the PR guy at SAT and Sgt. Garcia of APD. Photographers rights and general freedoms that go along with being an American citizen should never be trampled upon or questioned.

2013-12-09, 01:24 AM
Just my 2cents but take down the photos of him. You're not going to gain anything from that. Having said that, go back to the fence and spend some time there and if you have a confrontation then deal with it there.

2013-12-09, 01:38 AM
My thoughts as well, thank him, and take 'em down

2013-12-09, 06:56 AM
I am glad the Landmarks I go to encourage photography! What a story,

2013-12-09, 08:39 AM
I would not have posted the pictures of the Security Officer in the first place... so I would definitely take them down and settle it :smile:

2013-12-09, 08:54 AM
I would take them down right away, he is being a professional about the whole thing and I think you should as well. Just my 2 cents ;)

2013-12-09, 11:49 AM
Thanks! Like I said my first thoughts were to take them down, so they're deleted, he only did what his supervisor said. NIKV, all the FBOs here used to allow photos on their ramps, Million Air was the last one to start a no-photo policy recently, and that's due to a 'airport-rule' of some type they said. I can't find it on the SAT website specifically.

2013-12-09, 06:57 PM
I wouldnt have put up his pictures but I'm curious, how did he know to go to Flickr and find these pictures? Or did he do a wide search and just stumbled on yours? He must have time on his hands or does he know you?

2013-12-09, 07:43 PM
Glad you took the photos down, I think the effort he went through to find you(however he did) and research what he initially told you warrants it, despite the earlier work you did. If only one person gets educated about this at a time, at least that's happening. We definitely want to come across as reasonable people

2013-12-10, 12:05 AM
how did he know to go to Flickr and find these pictures? Or did he do a wide search and just stumbled on yours? He must have time on his hands or does he know you?
I really don't know, could be he saw the same plane pics on Flightaware as Flickr, or maybe this person said something to him http://www.flickr.com/photos/fflogdog66/10139499245/ I think he commented to me one time he does the volunteer security/PD thing at the airport.

2013-12-11, 12:16 AM
sorry about the incident there but I agree with everyone else here. I would have never put photos of him up. My thought would be to take them down as well..