View Full Version : Can't find NYC Aviation App

2013-09-26, 08:59 AM
NYC Aviation is my favorite site. I wonder why there is no nyc Aviation App for my iPhone so I could easily post many interesting photos I have taken. I am not computer savvy and cannot post (heaven knows I've tried) my photos off memory cards. I never share my photos as a result. Also, how could I start a new permanent thread for past experiences that you guys might find interesting from my spotting days in the 80's and 90's? Spotting then was like night and day from today. The threads now only seem to cover the present days of spotting. Thanks. :confused:

2013-09-26, 09:25 PM
We have a mobile version of our site but no app at this time. We are working on another large site feature and are waiting for that to launch before coming out with the app....it would be a financial waste to make an app now just to need to redo it in a few months. :)

As for the thread thing...we will reach out to you soon to see how to deal with such posts. Thanks.