View Full Version : LGA Exhibit in Aug. '13

2013-09-06, 01:14 PM
I wasn't able to visit the LGA Exhibit which was supposed to be held from Aug.19 to 23 at Terminal B near Gate 7. However, when I visited yesterday, nobody knew anything about the former exhibit. I asked many workers at LGA. Finally, a red-jacketed PANYNJ employee seemed to know something about the exhibit. He directed me to Hangar 7 at 9:30 daily for the exhibit. I found neither any exhibit nor any Hangar 7. Did anybody ever visit the LGA Exhibit? None of these guys ever heard of Kids' Day as well. Nice we have well-informed workers at airports!:confused:

2013-09-10, 05:46 AM
I sure did make a special trip to visit the exhibit at LGA Term B. and when I say you missed nothing, believe me. It was sponsored in association with the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City,NY. They had 2 models on display. One was the LEM, and the other was the x-29 (I think..could be wrong). There were a few panel images of LGA from years past. but that was it. I think I would call it a bit oversold. On a positive note, I did go to the food court lower level where you can watch some Air Traffic pre-TSA. I think I was watching between the C and D gates.

2013-09-13, 10:02 AM
Thanks I do know the spot by the Food Court. I noticed that the tables and chairs were moved away from the windows where, as you say, pre-TSA offers a nice view of aircraft while munching on over-priced snacks.