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2012-10-18, 06:02 PM
I had a chance to attend Rotorfest for the first time. For those who do not know, it is an all helicopter airshow held at the Brandywine Airport in West Chester, PA. There were 2 flying demo's that no-show'd, the Agusta 139 and the Sikorsky 92. Reason given was mechanical issues for both.

All in all the flying part of the show was just under 90 minutes, but there were plenty of static's to see, and the folks at the American Helicopter Museum were really knowledgeable and very friendly to boot!

Here are a few shots from the event on Saturday October 13:










The rest of the gallery can be seen here:

2012-10-18, 07:44 PM
John you lucked out with the great weather... Unfortunately the lineup this year was pretty anemic. They will usually have a pair of CH-53s and even Ospreys. Lack of heavy metal made me skip it this year. Your pictures came out terrific as usual.

2012-10-18, 09:02 PM
You had great skies that day! Love the head on shot of the Cobra

2012-10-20, 12:42 AM
Great weather and great shots John! I have to agree with Manny, that the show just didn't have anything to make me want to spend a few hundred bucks to head down there. But you definitely came away with some good shots from what they did have there on display and in the air. Very well done!

Steven Holzinger
2012-10-21, 06:22 PM
John, you should have attended when we had more than four or five military helicopters there. I live only an hour away from where Rotorfest is held and have gone to ten of the last thirteen events and this was honestly the worst one I've attended. I knew that going in, and just being there solidified it. Next year's event might be even worse with maybe one or two military helicopters there... I remember when we had a Huey, Cobra, Apache, Chinook, Sea Knight, a couple Blackhawks, Pave Hawk, SH-60B Seahawk, and MH-60R/S Knighthawk ALL at the same time, and almost all of them departed at the end of the show on Sunday and did their own little display over the runway. That's what made Rotorfest unique, and I believe those days are long gone, especially with the new hangar (which was built in the mid-2000s) at show left and QVC denying usage of the huge field to the right (blame their lawyers) for aircraft parking.

Here is a video with all of the flying from Sunday.