View Full Version : BBQ June 9th KFRG

2012-05-22, 07:17 PM
There will be a BBQ June 9th at KFRG at Empire Flight Academy, which is located just off of Route 109 (by Atlantic) on Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. Cirrus aircraft will be on hand to show off their latest generation of aircraft and there will be free food and drinks! Also on hand will be Empire CFI's to answer any Flight Training or aviation question or comment you may have (their will be alot of hangar flying going on!). We will also be doing demo rides in our Cirrus Simulator! Empires hangar has a good view or the approach end of Runway 1 and if the weather is good we will have the door wide open. For questions give me a call at 516-658-2560 or pm me. You can also call Empire at 631.777.5030

2012-05-29, 12:56 PM
Anyone who would like to come out to the BBQ can RSVP by calling empire flight academy at 516-777-5030 or reply to this thread with the number of people who plan on coming out. were planning on getting started on 11am on the 9th