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2012-04-01, 01:36 PM
As some of you may have noticed, we had a site outage last night and into this morning. The site is back up and the articles will be live soon once we navigate through our backups. Many illustrations will need to be re-added manually, which will take a little more time.

The forums should not be affected in any way.

Sorry for the inconvenience! We'll be fully operational again soon, and provide more details and plans for the future to prevent such annoyances.

Thanks guys.

2012-04-01, 02:24 PM
I just thought it was an April Fools gag you were playing on us, Phil!

2012-04-01, 08:24 PM
How funny, I thought it had some connection to 4/1 also.

No apology needed Phil, the interwebs break sometimes.

2012-04-02, 08:14 AM
Thanks guys. I wish it was an April Fools problem! We are now about 98% caught up...just a few image gaps in some articles.

Our problem has been fixed, and we upped the juice to our servers to prevent future crashes, and added additional backups to prevent any losses.

Appreciate the patience and understanding!

2012-04-02, 12:31 PM
Phil, you run your own servers or use an ISP? IF you're running your own, power to you! That is a difficult task indeed... We manage about 1500 windows servers with about another 500 systems from two mainframes to minis and micros and a host of AIX, Sun and Linux ... It is not even funny how hard it is to keep the lights on. Everyone should remember that eBay and Amazon and Google and Microsoft and all the other big boys run on thousands of redundant nodes...

I just visited one of the new Microsoft Generation 4 data centers in Washington and it is all modular now in container ships... One container hosts about 1500 windows servers and are all fully redundant and even within a blade, there is double redundancy. The pods we saw run Microsoft Azure (similar to Amazon ECC) and Office365 ... we also saw a Gen 3 DC that runs, amongst other cloud services, Hotmail and Bing. Those cannot go down and they spend billions to make sure they don't.

Phil, how many billions have you invested in NYCA? :tongue:

Anyway, don't let it happen again... how the heck are we all supposed to survive without fresh information on all things aviation? Muahaha...