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2011-08-29, 11:12 PM
Anyone for this airshow ??

Me ?? yes :)

So far we should expect :

1911 Ely-Curtiss Pusher (http://elycurtisspusher.com/)
Aerostars (http://www.teamaerostar.com/)
B-25 Panchito (http://www.dav.org/news/Airshow.aspx)
Frank Kingston Smith (http://www.frankkingstonsmith.com/)
Geico Skytypers (http://www.geicoskytypers.com/)
Radio Active Airshows (http://www.flyradioactive.com/)
Smoke -N- Thunder Jet Shows (http://www.smoke-n-thunder.com/)
Trojan Horsemen (http://www.trojanhorsemen.com/)
US Army Golden Knights - Gold Team (http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/GoldenKnights/Webpage2005_content.html)
USAF F-16 East Viper Demo (http://www.shaw.af.mil/library/vipereast/index.asp)
USN Blue Angels (http://www.blueangels.navy.mil/)
Warbird Heritage Foundation (http://www.warbirdheritagefoundation.org/)
Warrior Flight Team (http://www.woundedwarriorflightteam.com/)
Wounded Warrior Aviation (http://www.woundedwarrioraviation.org/)

info: fence check

A lot of people expecting to see F-35 dynamic demo or maybe flyby.... Im sure there will be no f-35 in the air but for sure one will be on Static Display...

2011-08-30, 04:05 AM
Isn't the F-35 also grounded still?

2011-08-30, 10:09 AM
I don know, Im lost :))) Someone said raptors are good to go, now Im reading they not

Ruislip Rustler
2011-08-30, 01:17 PM
Two of us are coming over from London to do Pax River inbetween spotting in DC and NY.

Quite a small show, but quality over quantity isn't a bad thing!

Let's hope the weather plays ball....

2011-08-30, 07:01 PM
First of all... u just did the worst thing in the whole aviation/spotting world..... u mention wea....er this is bad luck ! :)))

At DC not much to spot, in NY.... a lot... but nothing impressive for you guys if you saw Heathrow traffic :)

Are you staying in States for OCEANA air show ?? I would highly recommend to do that, NAS Oceana air show is in my opinion one of the best air show in the country. You are going to see a lot of Hornets at Oceana :)) oceana starts Sep 23rd I believe. Twilight/Night airshow on Friday and sat/sun full of action

Wish you all the best guys ! and if you have any questions feel free to ask - we are here to help :)

Ruislip Rustler
2011-08-31, 02:46 PM

We did Oceana for the last F-14 show in 2005 - great weekend!

I know Pax will be a lot smaller, but if some of the stuff listed on static sees rthe ight of day (I'll not mention, just in case I jinx that as well), we'll be two happy little Brits.

We're also looking forward to DCA and IAD - LHR might be busy, but it's repetitive when it's 10 minutes away. You might say the same about DC, but it's horses for courses. ( I bet we'll be in the minority for not raising the cameras the BA and Virgin jets!).

After DC we do 3 days in NY and then it's off to Thunder Over Niagar for the Saturdsay before flying home on Sunday.

If nothing else, it's going to be busy!!

2011-08-31, 04:17 PM
Sounds like a good aviation vacation :) Don't forget to post your pictures here :) I hope to see you guys at Pax River !

2011-09-03, 07:53 PM
I did't start processing yet I, just checking here and there :) Wanna show you one picture. I do understand that quality is not a.net yes I do know that :) this just to show you guys the WOW Factor... Good I love Blues..... More maybe later or after this awesome air show will be over.


2011-09-03, 09:56 PM
Two more for now....



2011-09-05, 07:53 AM
VEry nice Chris... the blues look tight :-) and what is that F-15 doing in the shot with the F-16? :tongue:

Did they fly the F-35 at all?

2011-09-06, 01:45 AM
Manny... no they didn't fly f-35... lazy suckers... it was labor day weekend. F-35 is still tested as you know and due to testing everyone whos working with f-35 must be at the base when F-35 is flying... for this guys it would be like a day at work.... they didn't feel like working :)

here is my little review :
















2011-09-06, 10:37 AM
Chris, I say do a TEST FLIGHT during the show... what else could be easier? geesh... they did it at Andrews...

2011-09-06, 10:57 AM
I agree with you Manny.... it is Pax River right ?? you expect to see this F-35 flying as a symbol of this base right now, and cmn it is 100th years of Naval Aviation. I was pretty sure they will fly F-35 at least a Take off, flyby and landing but oh well they didn't. Hope to see JAS in the air soon !

2011-09-06, 10:57 AM
Nice set Chris! Those are some beautiful shots!

2011-09-06, 01:11 PM
Thank you very much, Im always trying to do my best :) Sometimes it looks good sometimes not :) Thank you for your support :)

2011-09-06, 01:12 PM
Jaw-dropping, absolutely jaw dropping. Great work Chris.

2011-09-06, 01:45 PM
Thank You Very much !

Ruislip Rustler
2011-09-07, 12:16 AM

Cracking shots!

We ended up just doing the Saturday as the F-35 wasn't even static - couldn't believe the total no-show. Even good ol' Frank Drebben on the comms kept telling us all to go check it out.

Sunday we went to Dover museum and BWI for the afternoon instead.

2011-09-07, 09:17 AM
yee F-35 was big disappointment.... But I believe that soon I will show some pictures of F-35 here :) How was Dover?? I live mayb e an hour from Dover base I go there sometimes to see whats going on, You can spot from the museum and catch (sometimes) VC-25 practicing missed approach Touch and Go or Go Around :) never had a chance to spot ant BWI.

Ruislip Rustler
2011-09-09, 09:46 AM

Dover was very cloudy but worth a visit for us Brits.

The aircraft are mainly transports ranging from C118, C-123, C-133 up to C-130, KC-97 and couple of Starlifters.

Most interesting for us were the F-101 and F-106 from Dover's days as a fighter base.

THere were four Kalitta Charter Dassault Falcons easily viewable and the line of C-5s and C-17 could be read with a 400mm lens. There were also freighters from Southern, Atlas and Tower Air.

We were there for about 90 mins and no military aircraft moved but you can easily see movements on both runways from the museum.

BWI had lots of Southwest B737s. Viewing is possible from a park at the eastern end of the airfield, but we arrived just as they switched. We went to the observation gallery between concourse B and C. It's behind glass, but you will see most stuff that lands. We missed some of the Jazz Dash 8 and the regionals which used the other runway.