View Full Version : Farmers Airship Over NYC

Matt Molnar
2011-06-06, 07:06 PM
The Farmers Airship visited NYC for the first time today, the first Zeppelin to visit New York in about 70 years. It's the biggest airship in the world, 15 feet longer than a 747 and about 50 feet longer than the Goodyear Blimp.


2011-06-06, 07:32 PM
Where they anchoring?

2011-06-06, 08:24 PM
Saw it from my office in SoHo - a bunch of folks gathered around the window to watch. According to their website, it was at Solberg over the weekend, and is now headed to Philadelphia. Philadelphia-Northeast/PNE is set up for blimp anchorage, so I assume it's there. Reg is 704LZ, for those so inclined.

2011-06-06, 09:17 PM
The Readington NJ plans were scrubbed from some reason, so they've been operating out of North Philly. There *might* be one more flight to NYC this week (weather permitting). - and they'll be in the area till the end of the week.

Matt Molnar
2011-06-06, 09:35 PM
Also, if you were wondering why it sounds like a helicopter, it's because a Robinson R22 was also overhead taking photos of the airship over the skyline. The Zeppelin itself was barely audible.