View Full Version : ROUGH LANDING - Learning to Tame the Dragon Lady

2011-03-31, 12:19 PM
think your last A320 landing was a rough one? you ain't seen nothin' yet!!


USAF Pilot 07
2011-03-31, 06:31 PM
I've actually been on a chase car ride.. Pretty cool experience (going from 0 to 100+ MPH in a few seconds and then slowing all the way down to around 60MPH 20 feet behind the jet)... The last landing looked pretty rough, the jet started turning sideways...

U2's an interesting jet - I have no desire to fly one; I don't think I could sit like that for hours on end...

2011-03-31, 06:52 PM
Ouch those landings look painful and expensive to repair the damage.

2011-03-31, 07:24 PM
i wanted to ask, how do you embed youtube video? is it just (YOUTUBE) and (/YOUTUBE)?

2011-03-31, 07:26 PM
Air Force should have learned from the Navy with this type. These Pilots are the Best of the Best and this beast is so tricky that the Best can not grease it in. They should have a different procedure, like a tailhook Navy type landing that slows the aircraft like the rubber emergency system slowly and not like the carrier metal wires. It would keep the groundlooping down. Those are just plain scary!

To drive in the Chase Car? That must have been AWESOME!

2011-03-31, 07:27 PM
quote a post with youtube and you will see....

In other words...."I have no idea" :wink:

2011-03-31, 07:47 PM
i wanted to ask, how do you embed youtube video? is it just (YOUTUBE) and (/YOUTUBE)?

Sort of.. you need just the video ID: iRGacDGUGtE

eamnTyfkUBY So for my example, it would be




2011-03-31, 07:58 PM
Oh..... You see now? There is a good explanation with one hell of a kick ass video!!!! SWEET!!!!