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2011-02-25, 04:19 PM
Went to the Hibiscus parking garage at FLL today as they were on westerly operations. Was on the top of the garage for about 30 minutes - 2 other spotters from England were there as well. After about 30 minutes, two TSA agents come over and ask what we are all doing and why we are taking pictures and ask for ID. Given them the ID - they start talking about how passengers might get worried seeing cameras and in the future, if we want to shoot from the parking garage, we should go into the terminal and call operations from any phone and let them know we are there - first time in 4 years of spotting at FLL I have heard that, but anyway. Go back to shooting and 15 minutes later, two Broward Sheriff's Office deputies come up in a car. The first thing the deputy says is "Taking advantage of the great day to enjoy your hobby right?" - I tell him for sure. He said that some passengers entering the terminal saw the camera and asked him about that and so he had to come over. He didn't ask for my ID, but I gave it to him anyway - he says - "Yes - I've seen you around a lot here and at the viewing park - carry on shooting - you know we have to appease the public" - had a good laugh at that one!

Rule number one - always carry ID - rule number two - always be courteous to LE - but - I didn't know that TSA had jurisdiction over the parking garages? Can someone confirm?

2011-02-25, 04:36 PM
Well, Mark, the best part of that whole transaction is that you are NOT part of "The Public" it seems. If I had it that way I would say, ALLOW ME TO SPOT! and then they would have to appease me... We should start callign the police and sayign to them... "I see someone inside one of the terminals at the airport and they seem to have luggage and look like they may have intentions to board a plane and fly somewhere"

2011-02-25, 04:39 PM
LOL Manny - that might be a good idea! You know spotters aren't part of the public....we are...just not right...according to the rest of the public that is....

2011-02-25, 06:04 PM
TSA doesn't have jurisdiction to tell you to tie your shoes on the garage.* We had an episode a few years ago at IAD when TSA started questioning spotters on the garage until the MWAA (airport cops - who are great at Dulles) put a quick stop to it. LEOs love swinging their dicks around, especially when it comes to chasing another agency off its turf, and were only too happy to remind TSA who had control over the garage.

I was up on the Hibiscus over Christmas week, waiting for a (7-hour) delayed flight. Broward sheriffs came around twice; once he just sat there for 10 minutes or so and didn't say anything, when he came back a few hours later he said "still here?" to me, and I told him I was waiting for a delayed flight. He chuckled and moved on. Brief, polite encounter with an informed, professional officer. Wish they could all be that way...

*Like anyone else, though, they are free to call the police and report what they've seen. They are not/not/NOT allowed to detain you.

2011-02-26, 01:16 PM
Mark I thought that was a designated area on Hibiscus for spotters. I thought I saw in on the FLL website. I could be mistaken

2011-02-26, 05:25 PM

It is a designated area - but - the people still worry when they see long lenses I guess....