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2011-02-18, 03:57 PM
This isn't a thread about a run-in with a law enforecement official, but I feel it would fit in with this section of the forum. I was attempting to get permission to photograph from the Parking Garage B at PVD today. I saw that Jeremy (jerslice) had reccommended to ask the public relations department for permission or at least inform them that you would be there taking pictures as not to draw suspision from anyone.

So yesterday I sent and email to the public relations department at PVD and today a woman by the name of Toni got in touch with me about 11:00a. She asked what hours I would b there and I told her I would like to be there on the garage from 4:00p-6:30p. She told me that should be ok, but was going to check with the airport police and that she would call me right back if there was going to be an issue.

So a few minutes ago (about 2:40p), after not getting a call back I assumed all was good to go and I was about to write an email back to Toni when I got a call from her. She told me that I needed to call the dispatch andgive them some info. I was certanly ok with this. Then she mentioned that I would be all set for tomorrow. I politely corrected her and said it was for today. Thats when she said she had asked the PD about tomorrow and told me to hold on a minute while she checked about today.

About two minutes later she came back on the line and told me I would not be able to do it today as I needed to give them a days notice. Then she informed me that I would not be able to be on the garage for that long of a time period because there would need to be a police officer with me the entire time.

Just thought I'd share this info in the event anybody went to spot from teh garage at PVD. I still plan on heading up there right after work, but won't be able to get any ramp shots.

2011-02-18, 04:49 PM
wow, If I were in that position I would have coffee for the officer, some nice aviation books I made for him to look thru and some....cough..... NO PUN INTENDED .... Donuts.

With me the entire time? wow, that would be cool..... I would feel like important.

2011-02-18, 11:40 PM
It wasn't this way when I went often in 2008, but it appears things have changed. Oh well :-/

2011-02-19, 03:25 PM
The thought of having an officer with me the entire time didn't bother me in the slightest bit. I was just a little bothered by the fact that they weren't going to let me be there for the 2.5 hours that I wanted to be. If I were at a place like JFK that would be alright since during a half hour period I could capture a good variety and amount of a/c, but at PVD when there is little variety and infrequent traffic, a half hour or so doesn't let you accomplish much.

I was also dissapointed yesterday too with the fact that their not letting me do it then caused me to miss out on a good shot. After being told I could not photograph from the garage (and Im assuming that meant anywhere on airport property) I still went out to PVD and parked in a business lot (after hours of course) next to the approach path for the active runway. As the light started to get lmited I decided that it was time to head out. As I was turning the corner to drive down in front of the airport I saw what looked to me like Southwest's California One scheme. Had I been allowed on the garage last night I would have been able to photograph her at the gate and taking off. Guess I'll just have to wait to have a shot at seeing her and all the other Southwest specials another time.