View Full Version : Editor seems to be hosed...

2010-12-31, 12:52 PM
none of the formatting tools work and when posting, it turns all the text into pure HTML and it is deciding on its own what code to use. It'd be fine if it let me use my own HTML :-) Emoticons don;t work either, the HTML editor toggle is also not working. In any case, did something change recently? it was fine a couple of days ago! Thanks!

2010-12-31, 01:30 PM
I'm not experiencing any problems but it's being looked into.

2010-12-31, 04:40 PM
Thanks Phil. Maybe my browsers bit I have tried IE8, FF3, Safari and Chrome and all are acting strange

Also now from iPhone. Look at the tag to the right. I did not put it there and I can't delete it lol

Thanks for investigating

Happy new year[/AIRLINERS]

2010-12-31, 08:02 PM

I just tried IE 9 Beta and it works fine it seems. My Firefox 3.6.13 is not liking it very much... but it worked fine a few days ago.. .weird. I will look further into this and report my findings... thanks!

2010-12-31, 08:16 PM
Upgraded Firefox to FF 4 Beta 8 and now FF 3.6 is working again... LOL what a joke. BTW, FF 4 really sucks to me.

2010-12-31, 09:38 PM
Alright, glad you rectified that. Let me know if it returns or if you have any other issues.

2011-01-01, 02:05 AM
I'm good here running Firefox 4 b8 and safari mobile on my iPhone.