View Full Version : Airbus Hits a Vuvuzela Horn On Takeoff

Matt Molnar
2010-06-27, 10:16 PM
At 47 seconds, an A319 hits a vuvuzela horn after liftoff from Gibraltar.


(Okay, it was really a bird strike + engine failure + weak cameraphone microphone. Not sure of the airline, but they landed safely at Malaga.)

2010-06-28, 05:57 PM
Was someone sawing wood at the end?

2010-06-28, 06:33 PM
Was someone sawing wood at the end?

lolol cute....

After reading it 3 times....If you are serious about the noise...it is the APU. But could you imagine if they put a router bit
on that APU? That would be serious woodworking!

2010-06-28, 11:37 PM
Just what it sounded like. :borat:

2010-06-29, 01:43 AM
Sawing? Nope, just an Airbus hydraulic pump.

Matt Molnar
2010-06-29, 11:14 AM
Sawing? Nope, just an Airbus hydraulic pump.
The first time I heard that noise on an Airbus I thought it was a dog barking in the baggage hold.

hiss srq
2010-07-06, 10:31 PM
That sound was probably the sound of very badly damaged blades before they pulled the overhead fire handle. The other sound during taxi is the electric hydraluc pumps forcing fluid through systems because the hyd pressure drops off when the airplane is at low/idle power settings.... When the airplane is at higher power settings it generates sustainable pressure without the need to be electricly boosted.... I will try to scan off related material from the A320 MX manuals I have laying around someplace.