View Full Version : NEW FORUM: Aviation Videos!

2010-04-25, 11:22 AM
Hey all,

With the increase in the amount of videos posted on NYCAviation, we have built a new forum titled simply, "Aviation Videos"... http://nycaviation.com/vidforum1

This will be a place for any aviation-related videos that you post. Your spotting review videos or great videos that you find anywhere on the internet, whether they be airline, military or general aviation. The only videos that wouldn't go into this forum are News, Trip Reviews and non-aviation videos of course.

The forum has been built and you can go enjoy it now! I've already gone and moved dozens and dozens of video threads into there from other forums so we can just dive right in.

We have embed codes available for sites like YouTube, Viddler, LiveLeak, Vimeo and Hulu, so take advantage of that! Be sure to limit the amount of embeds per post to no more than 5 at this time. We will see how activity goes and start to develop more specific rules in the near future.

Now...go find some great vids to post and ask questions if you have.