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2010-03-22, 02:52 PM
Airliners International (http://ai2010nyc.com/), the largest and most exciting annual aviation convention is going to be in the New York City area this year, on August 12, 13, 14, 2010 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at the newly remodeled Robert Treat Hotel in downtown Newark, New Jersey.

This is more than just a typical show & sale, but is a big gathering that also includes photo contests, model contests, ramp tours, airline tours, formal banquet and more.

Those who register (You can register HERE (http://ai2010nyc.com/registration.php)) get a nice-looking goodie bag packed with stuff which I think alone is extremely exciting...though I am not allowed to share what its contents are!

There are tours available for Continental's maintenance hangar, operations tower and flight kitchen. Tickets can be purchased HERE (http://ai2010nyc.com/tours.php) (NOTE: You must register for the show as well to participate in the tours)

People will be able to submit an unlimited number of photos for contests which will have awards and prizes! Simply register for the show and submit! Your photos will be on display in separate contest rooms for everyone to look at for the duration of the convention. Details, which may be modified, can be read HERE (http://ai2010nyc.com/contest.php)
There will soon be details on the model contest as well!

A fun, formal dinner with many people will be that Saturday to close out the event. The Banquet will also have Emmy Award-winning news correspondent Robert Hager as the guest speaker. Mr. Hager has covered the 9/11 attacks, both Columbia and challenger disasters, the Pan Am attack over Lockerbie, the Concorde crash and more. Tickets can be purchased HERE (http://ai2010nyc.com/registration.php)

I haven't had the chance to go to a show since the LAX one in 2004, and it was literally the greatest aviation week of my life. I spent a week hanging out with so many photographers from everywhere that I've always wanted to meet, met so many other great people, enjoyed the show and its tours...it was great.

I hate plugging things that cost more than a few bucks, but this is worth it. A huge collectible show, seeing everyone from all around the country that comes out, the various displays, contests....a very good time. they literally have the ENTIRE hotel booked just for this, so the whole building will be for aviation enthusiasts....it's that big of an event.

The local airports will be at its business with spotters looking to see the action all week. People will come from all over the world days early and stays days after to enjoy what NYC has to offer aviation-wise, so be ready to meet many!

Let me know if you have questions, or if you'd like to even volunteer, as they will need people to lend a hand. I really look forward to seeing you folks there.


2010-03-23, 12:37 AM
Sweet, I hope to get the days off from work, anyone have a spare room in the area they wouldn't mind renting out to a poor ramper? :P

2010-04-15, 01:53 PM
Funny how their website makes a big deal about the show being held in NY but it actually takes place in Jersey :mrgreen:

2010-08-12, 10:37 AM
And it's here! I'm going to be planted in NJ for the next few days for the show, but if anyone has any questions, just let me know by email as I'll have my phone with me.

Hope to see you folks there!

2010-08-12, 04:23 PM
Folks, I sure to hope to see some of you the next few days in Newark. I have attended all but 1 Airliners International Convention since 1987, and while I have always been surprised since getting to know so many of you the last few years that hardly anyone from this site has not gotten on a plane, or driven to one of the last few years shows. But with this years being literally in our own back yard I really hope this will change the next few days. With no disrespect to the organizers of the one day past Newark shows, or the LGA Courtyard Marriott ones, this is a completely different league of show, with so much of interest to see regardless of your interest, or perhaps favorite present or past airlines. I have made many great friendships with fellow airline enthusist from all over at past shows, and it is very easy to spend at least several hours viewing all the displays, which are much more elaborate than what is seen at the one day shows, plus many more in number. For anyone reading this who is debating to go or not go, I really hope you do. For anyone who decided not to go but still has the opportinuty, I really hope you will reconsider, I really believe most of you will thank me when you see how awesome these shows are. After attenting around 23 or 24 of these conventions I think I am qualifed to say that !Thanks for reading my personal thoughts, sure hope to run into some of you folks Friday or Saturday ! LGA777

2010-08-12, 05:42 PM
Thanks Ron. I am off on Saturday and MIGHT actually come with BOTH kids....alone.

I am scared.

2010-08-15, 06:50 AM
I am curious about the ramp tours being canceled. For those who signed-up mostly for those tours, did they get a full refund? Except for Kids Day at LGA, it seems that everything else is canceled (Coney air show, airport tours). Fortunately, I can still spot from the beach to see 13L arrivals.

2010-08-15, 08:39 AM
Yes, everyone that requested a refund received it several months ago.