View Full Version : Embedded Videos

2010-03-01, 06:26 PM
i've been having an issue here on these forums with embedded videos. instead of seeing a video i can watch all i see is what can best be described as a picture of what the embedded video would look like. i can't click anything as it just looks like a picture. i'm using chrome on my laptop via either wifi at home or mobile internet through my blackberry on the road.at first i though it was just when i was mobile and workign through my phone, the "funny video thread" wasn't loading because of my low bandwidth. this happenned again when i was home with just one video in the thread and i still couldn't play it. anyone else have this problem?

Matt Molnar
2010-03-05, 12:14 AM
Does it ever happen to you on other sites? It's been happening to me every so often on various sites and various players, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. I suspect it's a bug in Flash.

2010-03-05, 04:55 PM
only here, but with both youtube and liveleak videos. it used to happen on another forum site i'm on and they just disabled embedding and forced us to post links instead.