View Full Version : NYCAviation Appears as Guest on AirplaneGeek.com Podcast

2010-02-24, 07:08 PM
After my losing Jetpardy experience, I had the opportunity to hang out with the guys at AirplaneGeeks.com for a full episode of this week's podcast.

:arrow: LISTEN IN HERE! (http://www.airplanegeeks.com/2010/02/23/episode-86-airplane-spotting-with-phil/)

During this episode, we discuss recent airline news, as well as a bit about NYCAviation.com and the hobby of spotting, including security issues, the hobby's history and the future.

Those guys are a great group of folks. They know their stuff, they're fun and very welcoming and genuine. Be sure to check them out every week!

2010-02-25, 09:24 PM
Nice Listen Phil. Thanks for the opportunity to show the hobby and what it stands for !!!!