View Full Version : Beautiful Movie of ZRH

Iberia A340-600
2010-02-23, 02:32 PM
I found a link to this on A.Net:


It's a beautifully made video of ZRH. It's a bit lengthy, 23 minutes, but every minute is worth it.

2010-02-24, 12:02 AM
I'm only 1:04 in and my blood is already pumping. Awesome video.

2010-02-24, 09:36 PM
It is awesome! Can't wait - I'm going to be flying through there in July and August - won't get to spot on the way out - we'll be going into Zurich for the day - but - on the way back - have 3 hours to spot Zurich!!!

Iberia A340-600
2010-02-24, 09:47 PM
Since I imagine you'll be transferring internationally Mark, you can make good use of the Concourse E observation deck with 3 hours! When I transferred through ZRH two years ago the weather was awful during my 8 hour layover and I ended up spending most of my time in the cafe on the Concourse B observation deck, which is now demolished.

2010-02-24, 09:55 PM
Yes - we'll be coming in from JNB, 4 1/2 hr in ZRH before flying to MIA - and - I've already checked out the location of the observation deck!! :)

2010-02-24, 10:29 PM
That was one the best aviation videos I have ever seen. It looked amazing in high definition. :borat:

2010-06-05, 05:36 PM
Wow. That was a great video. He has some other good ones on his profile on Vimeo as well.