View Full Version : AWESOME Air Berlin 737 Training Flight Video

hiss srq
2010-02-11, 08:11 PM
This video is really quite awesome. The 737 is a monster when it is empty. It handles like a fighter jet. Not to mention the strong wind and very cold temps make it leap off the ground inthis video. Enjoy. I know I did! Throw some good rock tunes on this and it would be perfect.

2010-02-11, 09:19 PM
Cool video. Some years ago when the last installment of Midway Airlines recieved their 1st 737-700 it was in LGA on a proving flight prior to service entry. It departed 31, decent headwind and I assume it had less then 10 paxs onboard. Was airbourne in around 1400-1500 feet, very impressive. Even the 737-200 advanced, especially those with JT8D-15 or 17 engines where easily capable of 2000 feet takeoff rolls when very lighty loaded. I have seen those from both the outside and inside of the Boeings.


2010-02-12, 09:54 PM
a 727-200,at about 135k on a ferry flight out of Beantown ,on a cold ,dark, january night a few years ago,VSI pegged at 6000fpm all the way through the low 20's in the climb,I think we were just repoing to IAD,so light fuel,no pax, just 3 thundering JT8DS, a swept wing,a t-tail,and lift,and thrust kicking butt over weight and drag. just awesome.

2010-02-16, 02:54 AM
FedEx used to have a single flight into LGA very early in the morning, It usually arrived about 6am and departed within 30mins. It was always light ( I think it was ferrying to JFK) and stood on its tail every morning without fail. The ones with the -217/219's were real rockets always did a good job imitating the 757