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2010-01-21, 10:12 PM
Today, Mark, Justin, Johnny (nice to meet you!) and I started off at Bayswater with no issues. Went to Firestone where a guy came tearing through the parking lot coming to a near-screeching stop to ask what we were doing. He was extremely uneasy and quite frankly reminded me of our good friends from EWR. After calmly explaining our hobby, he left and presumably got on the phone to call the police. I'm guessing his call was to no avail as he sped to the nearest officer he could find who was about 100 feet away. To illustrate how sketchy this guy was, he was on his phone doing somewhere between 25 and 30mph in the firestone parking lot. Obviously extremely distraught, he talked at great length with the officer while we continued to shoot in plain sight of both of them. Finally, the officer came over and while still shooting asked if everything was okay and if the gentleman had become hostile or nasty in any way. Without putting down the camera I explained to the officer that we were simply enjoying the beautiful weather and incoming traffic. The officer laughed and went on his way after telling us to enjoy ourselves. A great experience! Although we were not out to pick any fights, I do feel it necessary to make the following claim:

Spotters: 1
Uninformed Citizens: 0

2010-01-21, 10:30 PM
That ranks among the worst I've heard from a fellow citizen in terms of aggressive behavior. It's a shame, but thankfully, the officer was able to determine who the actual "threat" was there.

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2010-01-21, 11:38 PM
did he act anything like this?


2010-01-22, 01:03 PM
The more I watch this video the more I wish he was...this is amazing! And I love how at no point does she comment on the guy video taping the entire situation. Nice find lol

2010-01-23, 11:23 AM
Nice story with a happy ending! Great way to keep your composure guys, and expose paranoia for what it really is!