View Full Version : JFK Runway Run (5k run) - April 18

2010-01-10, 05:54 PM
The annual JFK Runway Run (http://www.jfkrunwayrun.org/) will be held again this year, on Saturday, April 18; registration/sign-in starts at 7:15am for a 9am race start. Registration is $20 in advance (by mail; online registration has an extra $3.25 charge) or $25 on race day.

For those who don't know about this, it's a 5k race that takes place at JFK airport. Usually the race is mostly on runway 31L/13R and I expect that's where it'll be this year. (Last year, due to construction on 22R, the race was on 22L; JFK was using the 31s that day and it was awesome--the staging area had a great view of 31R arrivals and during the race they were low over your head for 31R.)

I'll be out again this year; hope to see some of you there!

2010-01-10, 10:03 PM
I'm doing this.

Who else?

2010-01-10, 10:09 PM
I will be there again this year.....

2010-01-31, 11:24 PM
I've registered... do they let us carry our cameras? is there a scope for getting airliners.net worthy shots :)

2010-02-01, 10:28 AM
Who else is in on this?! Come on guys!!!

2010-02-01, 11:13 AM
I might be in on this!

2010-02-01, 01:30 PM
I missed out on the festivities last year, but I'm definitely going to be there this time. Look for the guy wearing the NYC Aviation t-shirt.

2010-02-01, 09:35 PM
If I am back by then and can swing the day off I would love to do it!

2010-04-18, 05:29 PM
So who made it for the 5k this morning?

The JFK Runway 5k run was not actually held on the runway this year instead we walked up and down the South and North Service Rd. Still it was a nice time. Over 1500 participants this year.

2010-04-18, 08:16 PM
I was the guy in the NYCAviation t-shirt. Despite all the people there, I managed to run into "the other" Phil. Thank goodness the weather cooperated because in years past there have been years when the weather was just atrocious. Thanks to everyone who managed to make it out there.

2010-04-18, 11:42 PM
I ended up going to Philly for a different 5K for charity. I really wanted to do this one.

Anyone get pics?

2010-04-19, 10:25 PM
It was a beautiful for a race; very disappointing, however, that the race wasn't actually on the runway this year. (Though from near the start line, you could see the piles of material for the 31L/13R project, so I can understand why.) At least there was a good view of the AF 777 and A380 parked at T1 (I didn't have a camera and probably wouldn't have used it if I did, so no pics). There were a couple of 31R departures with good banks.

I got the feeling that despite the large number of preregistrations, they (the event organizers/volunteers, not Port) seemed unprepared for the big crowd. While they moved the checkin tables outside, instead of being inside the restaurant, the lines were long and chaotic since the only signs were attached to the tables (and so obscured by the people in line) instead of the tops of the tent. Also, instead of handing runners their "bag o' stuff" and T-shirt at checkin, this was done after the race, and the line for preregistered runners was huge. I waited, but I know of some people who just decided it wasn't worth the time to wait. The race start was another bit of chaos; with all the people it was nigh impossible to hear anything that was being said until the call of "runners to your mark" and then the start. I didn't even notice where the start line was, not that it would have mattered much since for the first quarter mile or so you were stuck in between enough people that you couldn't get your pace anyway.

All in all, I was disappointed with the race this year. While I had figured there was a good chance the race wouldn't actually be on a runway this year, there was absolutely no indication of that until you got there. It would have been nice to have mentioned the new course on the website and had a map available somewhere, even if only on race day. As it was, the course was a near-complete surprise. Throw in the big crowd, lack of clear signage/announcements and the whole thing was basically a big game of "follow the leader" and when the crowd started moving, follow along.