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2009-11-14, 01:58 PM
The new version of our site has been up for a few months now, and as we grow and add new features, wed love your feedback so we can continue to move in the right direction.

If you folks could take a few minutes to answer the following questions, we would really appreciate it. We want to build a site with features that you will enjoy and find most relevant to you, so your feedback is very valuable.

1. What features (Spotting guides, News Section, Logbook, This Day in Aviation, etc.) do you read? How often do you check them?

2. Is there a certain kind of news (aircraft purchases, route changes, odd news, etc.) that we dont cover much that you prefer we would? Or maybe cover less?

3. Are there types of news that we cover briefly in The Logbook that you wish we'd expand upon with full articles (or maybe from certain regions of the world, etc.)?

4. Do you find the site easy and/or enjoyable to read?

5. When we put out new articles, how do you find out about them (Facebook, Twitter, forums, self-check, etc.)?

6. Are there any kind of features you can think of that you would like us to add?

7. Overall, what do you think of the current site and how would you improve it?

Thank you!!

If youd like to answer these questions in private, you can just email them to me at [email protected]

2009-11-14, 02:12 PM
1. None of these but since seeing hte daily logbook this week, I like it. I always look forward to a funny ending or pic too.

2. no comment

3. no comment

4 no problems as I use the "view active topics button" to keep me abreast.

5. hear about new topics via 4. or facebook.

6. add quarterly spotting events followed by copious amounts of barley, hops and flesh of the female persuasion.

7. I think its going great. And we have a good community, quite close knit. Keep up the good work!

2009-11-14, 02:44 PM
1. I read all of them daily
2. Keep up the good work
3. Keep up the good work
4. The site is very easy and enjoyable to read.
5. I find the new articles via Facebook and the homepage.
6. Not that I can think of.
7. Excellent work overall! Keep up the great work. :borat:

2009-11-14, 06:11 PM
1. spotting guides, no
news, depends on content
logbook, also depends
this day in aviation, yes

2. more GA news.

3. more GA news

4. yes.

5. facebook sometimes, don't twitter.

6. i like mario's idea.

7. don't know what i'd change.

2009-11-14, 06:52 PM
6. add quarterly spotting events followed by copious amounts of barley, hops and flesh of the female persuasion.
If HighHeels sees this thread, I think you are going to be watching a ton of figure skating in the future :shock:

2009-11-14, 09:13 PM
]6. add quarterly spotting events followed by copious amounts of barley, hops and flesh of the female persuasion.[/b][/size]

I can provide pictures...... 8)

2009-11-23, 07:49 AM
I would like more information about livery changes as well as changes in aircraft and elimination of routes into JFK so I wouldn't have to post something and get ridiculed for such a posting. I would really love a list of tail registration numbers seen daily at JFK for international flights.

2009-11-23, 09:04 PM
Some excellent videos are discovered by the people on this site but it seems you have to look all over for them.

How about starting a "Video" section where they can all be bunched together.


2009-11-23, 11:23 PM
GREAT feedback, guys. Seriously, these threads are what make changes. If we don't know how you feel, we can't make progress.

As for more events, I agree! Even if they are very casual and just some people getting together for dinner or drinks (although I hate excluding the under 21ers), I'll try to make that happen. More GRAND events will begin to happen as our team of writers and contributors grow and I can spend more time planning events and stuff like that. I'm not a good writer anyway, you'll be better off!

Cancidas wants more General Aviation news, and I'll try to post a bit more. Currently looking for more sources to use.

Speedbird1, one things we REALLY try to keep an eye out for are new paint schemes and the like. We've only started to flow with those a month or two ago, but very few new schemes and aircraft should slip through the cracks.

AJ, while we do have a non-aviation video thread, maybe we can make a new thread in General Discussion for aviation ones. I might be missing them, but I don't see too many videos being posted, but maybe a new thread for it while motivate people even more. Also keep in mind that every article we post on the site, if there isn't a large photo, is accompanied by a video at the bottom, so keep an eye out!

The feedback on Facebook is helpful. I see the traffic that it generates, but am always curious about how people first come across everything.

Anyone, feel free to keep answering these questions. I'll address anything you bring up if I can. Also, PLEASE don't wait for these kind of threads to throw feedback our way. Email ANYTIME for good or bad.