View Full Version : Firestone, 11/1

2009-11-01, 10:32 PM
As me and Amrish came together today to spot the 31R landings about 20 minutes later, an NCPD car pulls up to us and asked what are we taking pictures of and we explained what we was doing and they took down our information I mention about NYCA to them and even show them the card, but later we was told that taking pictures from the location was not allowed and we was asked to leave because it was Private Property (Understandable).. So we left and we spotted from Cedarhurst Park next to the LIRR station for the rest of the day which we thought was more comfortable and no more problems happened after.. :D

2009-11-01, 10:47 PM
Uh-oh....Now Firestone is under siege? Not liking this!

2009-11-01, 11:07 PM
think about it as justification to buy a 400mm+ lens...

2009-11-01, 11:13 PM
Sometimes you get a cop that isn't familiar or needs to get rid of us if there are more than one complaints at a time, etc.

Hopefully this will not be a trend for the location, but only a one-time event.

2009-11-02, 02:46 AM
Happens from time to time. Good idea to use Costco and Boston Market so one spot doesn't get a lot of use and switch it up. Would probably lead to less complaints.

2009-11-02, 09:31 AM
From my point of view, Cedarhurst Park is pretty awesome to spot.